Hola Chicas,

Totally un-hair related, but how cute is Gia’s new stroller?!

I decided on a ‘parent-facing’ pram or carriage due to the research (better adjustment/ attachment in the first 3 months) and the aesthetic of course!

After a bit of market research (i.e. Google searches), I quickly came to the realization that my champagne taste would be the death of me yet again. The top of the line prams average $600-$1k. Boo. I finally stumbled upon the First Years Indigo Stroller. It’s reversible, durable and has great reviews. The best part is that it was only $150! So yeah, we’ll be HAUTE at a fraction of the cost… kinda like my Tarjay, H&M, and clearance rack Banana Republic wardrobe.

I took it out for a test run yesterday and Miss Gia loved it! She was super alert for the first ten minutes and knocked for the last twenty. We weren’t out of the house good before the neighbors started inquiring. I’m loving it and definitely recommend it to those of you that must find a way to remain fashionable while carting around precious cargo.

Later Gators,

p.s. My hair is going strong! It’s a bit frizzy but I’m still able to wear it down. I’m going to try out the Aussie/Garnier Gel combo again this weekend and report back next week.

I’ve pumped enough milk to feed a village so I’ll be rewarding myself with a glass of Riesling tonight! I’m geeking… my first glass after a 10 month stint! This is about as exciting as things get around here now.

So let me live vicariously through you divas…

What are your plans this weekend?