The Nappy Race- The Beginning

A little bit of breakage here, a little bit of breakage there – And that’s how it starts.

“Well maybe a treatment will help,” you think to yourself. After a few treatments, trims, a weave, some Dominican blow outs, a couple headaches, and a few pain relievers (need I go on) your hair screams, “Enough is enough, I’m going natural!” However, the look on your face is not that convincing. 

Yes, the idea of going natural can be scary and confusing. A laundry list of questions begin to ring in your head as you consider how the change will affect you. Of course, you see the wonderful pictures of ladies with healthy, natural hair everywhere. From the latest black hair magazines to GAP commercials, curls & kinks are in. But as you dig a little deeper, you find that there ARE even more options with wearing your hair natural. From a natural ‘fro, to locs, double-strands, coils, straw sets, pressing, and the list goes on. Through your research, you discover the cool idea of ‘transitioning’. Since everyone told you that the only way to go natural was to India Arie it, you’re relieved to find options (there goes that word again).

The transition is either viewed as a wonderful inner beauty experience or a plague. This phase is only the beginning but the hardest obstacle to overcome. Unfortunately, this is the place where many of our sistas decide to drop out of the nappy race to Their Natural Wonder. But for the sistas who hang in there, put their boxing gloves on and go comb-to-comb with their coils, get a greater reward, confidence and higher sense of self to match that beautiful healthy hair.

This post originally appeared on Your Natural Wonder. Republished with permission.

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