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Curly Nikki

Treat Your Hair to Chocolate!

By January 27th, 20215 Comments

Treat Your Hair to Chocolate!
Stephanie Rose Bird of writes:

The cacao tree is as beautiful and intriguing as it is useful. One of the top economic botanical plants, theombroma cacaos pods yield cocoa butter, cocoa powder and that confection we desire most of all during February—chocolate. This article examines cocoa butter and its benefits for the hair and skin. Then we’ll focus on the tree’s other gift.

The article is excellent and reminds us why cocoa butter is used in so many of our fav products. She even lists the conditioners and other treatments that have cocoa in the ingredient line up! Check out the full article HERE!


  • a says:

    Coconut Oil actually causes a person to lose weight, so eat up on that. Three times a day.

  • MissCurly says:

    I love cocoa butter. I actually prefer it over shea butter. I think we overlook the benefits of cocoa in our hair and skin. Great post!

  • Basic Woman says:

    Funny – I am sitting here right now with an Anita Grant rhassoul clay deep conditioner on my hair. It looks and smells like chocolate and it contains organic cocoa butter and cocoa powder. I mixed it with coconut milk so it is really making me hungry!

  • Anonymous says:

    If my hair smells like chocolate I'll walk around craving it all day!! It took awhile for me to not crave coconut (or to figure out why I wanted it) when I first went natural.

  • Anonymous says:

    Okay, so what I got out of that was eat more chocolate!

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