Erica, an NFL Cheerleader writes:

This is my signature style. I never really change it, and if i do, I just throw a headband on it.

I do the following 3 times a week:

1. Wash my hair with Pantene Pro-V volumizer shampoo

2. Comb through my hair with a wide tooth comb while shampoo is still in hair.

3. Rinse and follow with Mixed Chicks leave in conditioner. Mixed Chicks wash out conditioner doesn’t’ work for me.

4. After the conditioner is in, and while hair is still wet, I put LaBella styling gel (the pink gel)

5. I then put heat protection gel on my hair and blow dry on hot for about 10 minutes and let the rest air dry.

I hope y’all have good luck with this remedy, it works for me!!