Hola Chicas,

I’m bustin’ outta this joint! We’re headed home today and I couldn’t be happier! My stay at the Birthing Center was pleasant enough- – I had my own spacious room, a flat screen/dvd player and pretty decent room service. But there’s no place like home 🙂 I never let the nursing staff take her away for the night, so the only help I received was from the lactation consultant. I was totally annoyed by the late night blood pressure and temperature checks and the way people would just barge in without knocking… well sometimes they’d knock, but it was more of a ‘warning’ knock rather than an ‘asking’ knock. By day 3 I was totally pissed and apparently began acting bitchy because they left me alone 😉

In other news my body is changing before my eyes. My deflated tummy is very dark (like two shades darker than the rest of me), as if the life was sucked out of it, or Gia had the lights cut off prior to her eviction. I hope the discoloration will fade soon. I can definitely say that it has flattened out significantly and resembles more of a 4 month prego belly. My boobs… FRIGGIN’ HUGE! Like grease ’em up, porno huge. It’s crazy how my body is on a timer– every few hours my breasts swell up as a reminder that I’m supposed to feed someone. Pretty cool.

I’ve been very emotional over the past few days. But the most touching experience has been watching hubby bond with baby. It sounds so cliche, but I definitely have fallen in love with him all over again- – watching him fall in love with her. The way they look at each other is beautiful.

Waiting for us at home are my parents, my grandmother and my uncle. Three pm is check out time and I’m sitting here anxiously waiting by the door, LOL!

I’ll be back in touch soon!

Later Gators,

Edited to Add: So yeah, Gia had her first blowout a moment ago (poop up her back)…perfect timing, eh? Daddy brought her a new dress though– a pink one that has no poo on it… yet 🙂