Look at the head on this one… that’s me, LOL! My dad pulled this out (among others) as we tried to figure out who Gia looks like. Why is my head so massive?!

What did I do to my mop this weekend? Nada. I’m still rocking the same twist-out I wore during labor, LOL! Sad, I know. It’s now in a very frizz, very tangled bun. I’ve got the itch to get out of the house, so I’m thinking of leaving baby with hubby and making a run to Walgreens to re-up my Herbal Essence stockpile and maybe pick up something new… probably a gel or curl cream of some sort, since styling my hair more than once a week is looking HIGHLY unlikely.

We’re flying solo for the first time with baby. My parents (the last fam we had left in town) left on Friday (I cried and cried) after a month long stay, and with them went the stolen away free time, home cooked meals and much needed advice on caring for an infant. I have to say that hubby and I did pretty good this weekend. I managed to get some much needed sleep, do the (over flowing) laundry and developed a few fool proof ways to get her to calm down when she’s acting a donkey for no discernible reason. I still feel like I’m playing house though… like I’m an impostor.

Thankfully, G Baby loves the Maya wrap and breastfeeding is still going great. I’m pumping and my fridge and freezer resembles a well stocked dairy farm. There’s milk everywhere. EVERYWHERE! And it really must be full of fat because baby girl is way over 8 pounds now!

Y’all warned me about time management… I can see that as always, I definitely underestimated the beast. Gia is all consuming! She’s laying in my arms as I type this short post, LOL… She’s such a diva and knows exactly what she wants and demands it. I love her more than I ever could’ve imagined! But I’m definitely going to have to do some schedule re-working to juggle all of my responsibilities. I am thankful that hubby is so good with her. She’s a daddy’s girl already!

As far as my health, hair and body post-partum, I’m doing better. I’m pretty sure I experienced a bout of the Baby Blues last week. I was on the verge of tears every second of the day. I never felt overwhelmed in my new role as a mother, I was just very sensitive, very emotional. I believe it is finally passing… hubby must be so excited πŸ™‚ It was very real and very intense… even worse than my pregnancy mood swings. I had to draw on my clinical training to therapize myself! Damn hormones.

On the hair front, I’m shedding again, but nothing drastic. My hair is still thick, shiny and while a little dry from playing it to the left, it’s fairing okay. I gained 38 pounds during the pregnancy and so far I’ve lost 23! I think it’s due to the breastfeeding, and the fact that many of those pounds were from fluid. Thankfully, my ‘sam sausage toes’ or ‘thick feet’ are back to normal, but sadly, my thicker, sexier legs went with them. I was hoping I could hang on to the thickness in the right places, but alas, chicken legs it is. My boobs, however, are FABULOUS and I will definitely enjoy them while I’ve got ’em! You know what’s not sexy though… the milk that leaks from them uncontrollably. I guess we can’t have it all.

Health wise, I feel great. I stopped taking pain meds days ago and I think I’m well on my way to being back to myself. I have yet to lay eyes on my C-Section scar (it’s covered in tape)… I don’t know if I’m mentally ready, LOL, but the doc said she made it very small (6 inches) and it’s on my panty line. Somehow, it’s still numb! But yeah, no pain here. Very blessed!

So I think that’s about it… I owe you guys some hair pics! I plan to get up in the next 20 and make my Walgreens run, do my hair, do the mom thing, and take pics and post tomorrow. We’ll see if things go to plan πŸ™‚

Later Gators,

Me at a few months

What did you do to your hair this weekend?

What product should I buy from Walgreens?

**Edited to Add**:

Thanks to the following divas for the gifts for Baby G!

Gaye (Sweetdrk1)
Z. Williams
Jasmine K (Summerbreeze76)in