Kari writes:

I’m sure a lot of you have noticed the recent trend of using ‘natural products’. It seems only fitting, right? Use natural products on your natural head of hair! Some of the most popular product lines on sale today have a few things in common: they use minimal ingredients, and those ingredients tend to be natural and/or easy to find and mix ourselves! It makes me wonder: why don’t I make my own products? Being a product junkie (and proud of it!) it seems foreign to me to put down the credit card and back away from the online shopping cart, and instead turn to the oils, butters, and refrigerator items that I own and are always ‘in stock’. Actually, making my own mixes could even be more fun than buying the mixes of others!

So I ask: How many of you make your own products? Do you find that they work better than store bought ones? Or would you rather save time and test out the products of others rather than mix your own (even if you have many of the ingredients listed in those items)?