Product Description:
Use as a cream rinse or rinse-out conditioner to give your curls a wonderful boost of moisture

and softness.
*Use it as a cream rinse to naturally condition dry curls, locs & waves.
*Use as rinse-out conditioner to add moisture.
*Use to promote healthy hair growth
Distilled Water, BTMS (a mild conditioning emulsifier), Pumpkin Seed Oil, Organic Virgin Coconut Oil, Japanese Camellia Oil, Cetyl Alcohol, Botanical Oil Complex, Hydrolyzed Oat Protein, Panthenol, Ximenia Oil (Wild Plum) and fragrance.

My Experience:

I’ve got mixed feelings. Isn’t that always the case?!
What I like: The ingredients are superb, it’s incredibly rich, moisturizing, and smells like pumpkin pie. Hubby tried it the other day and proclaimed, ‘this smells like Thanksgiving… or a Tuesday afternoon at my fam’s house!‘ Besides loving the fragrance, he said his hair felt ‘soft and luxurious‘. I used it after shampooing, let it set for 15 minutes, detangled, and rinsed. I was left with moisturized, defined curls.
What I don’t like: It’s way too thick for a rinse-out. Don’t get me wrong, I love a thick conditioner as much as the next curly, but I look for slip and ease of application in my instant conditioners. The consistency is similar to a heavy cream and provided very little help with detangling (until I cut it with water). I found it difficult to pump out of the bottle and just as difficult applying it evenly throughout my hair (went on rough). With that said, I think it would make a superb Deep Treatment.
Bottom Line: It smells great, touts delicious ingredients, and provides excellent moisture. Would I purchase? Probably not. I need conditioners that moisturize and aid in detangling. I’ll use the rest for deep conditioning treatments. It’s definitely worth a try though… it’s Sold Out on their website for a reason! Other curlies gave it rave reviews, I just wish I shared their sentiment.


Product Description:

Use as a daily or weekly leave-in to help detangle, moisturize, defrizz, and soften your lovely curls.

Apply a generous amount throughout wet or dry hair for healthy conditioning and moisture.
*Use to gently soften and detangle new growth while transitioning to natural hair .
*Use to soften & detangle your coils & curls
*Use it as a daily or weekly leave-in to naturally condition dry curls & waves.
*Use to add much needed moisture to parched curls.
*Use to condition locs, twists & braids.

Distilled Water with Yarrow, Sage, Nettle & Lavender, Vegetable Glycerin, Avocado, Sunflower, & Sesame Oils, BTMS (a mild conditioning emulsifier), MSM, Guar Silk, a paraben-free preservative, and fragrance.

My Experience:
Great leave-in! I love the slippery consistency (similar to the Garnier Cream Gel) because it makes for easy application and keeps my hair detangled during the twisting process. I used it underneath the Garnier Cream Gel. My hair today? Eh… it’s incredibly soft and obviously moisturized, but has almost zero hold and a little frizz. In the future, I’ll use this leave-in when I’m looking for fluffy, care free hair. Honestly, I think the moisture may out live the set. I’ll take some pics later!

Bottom Line:
It has what I consider to be an ideal consistency, light vanilla fragrance, and provides a lot of moisture. If you’re looking for a firmer set, you may want to skip it. If you’re thinking of rocking a wash-n-go or fluffier twist-out, go for it!