Girl Gone Child- The Tale of the Angry Boobs

Last week the hubs and I celebrated our 9 year dating anniversary. We were too tired and busy to do anything special, plus now we have this little thing called a baby, and spontaneity has all but gone out the window. Instead, we planned a date night… a rendezvous for Sunday evening, tonight, the first time since Gia was born. Truth be told, we were thinking about handing her off to the sitter and going back home to get some restful sleep, like back in the day. But seriously, my hair was ‘did’, I had a sexy dress to show off my new ‘naturally enhanced’ boobage (a freakum dress, if you will), sitter was on deck, fresh milk pumped and packaged and I was so excited! I had no idea what the plans were either, hubby was being all romantic and wanted to surprise me. So why am I home, sitting here typing into cyber space?

My plans were foiled…

My boobs are angry. Very angry. Yesterday out of no where, they got very sore and I went from 0 to 60 in a matter of minutes. I’m talking the whole shebang– chills, 101-104 temp, joint aches and a massive headache. I knew exactly what it was. Mastitis, an infection breastfeeding moms develop when they have too large of a milk supply, pump or feed infrequently, are stressed out, wear an ill fitting bra or a plethora of other reasons. Whatever the case, I’m off to the doc tomorrow and I’m stuck in the house tonight. All because of my breasts… my exquisite breasts (can y’all tell that Anchor Man is still one of my fav movies?).

Such is life… But whenever I get frustrated with breastfeeding, I remember all of the formula recalls and I look in her eyes, and trudge forward. I can so do this.

In other news, I tried the new Design Essential’s Cream Gel. I received full size samples of the entire line from and was kinda excited after reading the pretty decent ingredient list. Check out their website when you get a second… they have some great styling tutorials. To make a long story short (I’ll write a full review when I’m not babying a 102 degree temperature), I’m torn… my hair looks great, not as fluffy as I like, but very shiny and very defined. Hubby complimented me and said it looks amazing…different. But the feel of it on day 1 was crunchy, dry and stiff. I hate that. But it looks sooo good, and now on day 3, it has softened up and fluffed out considerably. Here are a few pics and a couple of the baby too 🙂 I try to be considerate of y’all… I know before I had Gia I wasn’t always ‘interested’ in hearing about or viewing pics of other folk’s kids, LOL.

sorry if I rambled… my brain is frying, lol.

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