Cassandra writes:

It sounds like such a basic task, but it’s something I struggle with just about every styling session. The comb and my hair just won’t play nice. No matter how many tips I attempt to integrate into my styling regimen I always seem to be losing an astonishing amount of hair—okay I may be exaggerating a teeny bit—but I average about a good sized palm full of hair PER session.

Just now I took out some kinky twists (only left them in for 10 days, I missed the ‘fro) and tried to comb my hair out for class tomorrow. I lost a lot of hair and I even used a creamy leave-in (Garnier Fructis Sleek n Shine), water, coconut oil, and a super duper wide tooth comb. I still lost a lot of hair. I’m not shedding, but I’ll admit that I do tend to get frustrated towards the end when I find that my hair isn’t cooperating.

I really, really, really need help on this one. I don’t wanna lose all the length and health I try so hard to retain and maintain.

*** BTW my hair is 4a or I’m sister O (for the LOIS system).

So ladies, what’s the best way to detangle natural hair? How do you detangle?

CN Responds: For my detangling tips, click HERE!