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Curly Nikki

The ‘Ghetto Fab’ Wig? Really?!

By January 27th, 202182 Comments

L. Michelle of My Hair is Me writes:

The 'Ghetto Fab' Wig? Really?!

Thanks to my Sorority Sister Laila of MamaLocs, I am appalled at Kohl’s!! She just shared with me that they’re advertising a curly afro wig. The kicker? It’s called the Ghetto Fab Wig!!!

What is GHETTO about a curly afro????????

Uhm, check out the ad, here’s the link if you want to see it up close and personal. Seems that someone in the PR department is going to SHOULD have a little bit of explaining to do once this one goes viral!!! Afrobella and Luvie have already posted rants.

What do you think? Weigh in!

***CN Responds: In one word? Appalling. Yet sadly, I’m not surprised. It’s just more evidence to show that the perceived negativity, our alleged oversensitivity, is all but imagined. Now, what are we gonna do about it?***


Misha writes:

Hi Nikki, love the site!

Down to business—I called Kohl’s and spoke to a supervisor and they said the product is coming off the site in 24 hours. He was apologetic as I asked him if Kohl’s supports Black face and other negative caricatures of Black Americans. So let’s see what happens. I HIGHLY encourage others to call Kohl’s and ask about the wig so that they can feel a little pressure….

(866) 887-8884


  • Kimmy says:

    congratulations ladies! the power of the people!

  • Anonymous says:

    I don't have a problem with the wig. I think it looks cute. I do however have issue with the name and marketing.

  • Anonymous says:

    UPDATE: I just want to say to all of the nay Sayers, who thought that this wouldn't make a difference – bc there were SO Many other companies selling the wig- that sears, kmart, and other retailers pulled the wig or changed the name bc of the controversy. The manufacture doesn't care but guess what? What choice Would he have when no more companies buy his wig? Good job ladies. The power of people in numbers is amazing.

    Read more here:

  • Anonymous says:

    Excuse me, I think the idiots got it wrong, ghet-to is all the fake weaved Mt Everest hairdos I saw back in the 90s-00s and the braids with the Bride of Frankenstein colors of black & gray streaks also the many other colors I've seen mixed in!

  • Anonymous says:

    It looks hot, where can I get it?

  • Nikki says:

    I emailed costume nation who also sale the wig, this is also the fault of the manufacturer who named the product, as well as the store managers and buyers for selling this wig in stores and online. Shame on them! It's 2010 can we move forward, curly hair/afro is ghetto? really??

  • Alex says:

    I'm on the phone with them now. Actually on hold. One of the supervisors got one the phone saying they didn't mean for it to be offensive, so I asked… Well what did u mean by it? And what is Kohls doing to ensure this doesn't happen again? He doesn't have the answers, so he's getting someone else on the phone. So I gotta hang up, been on hold fir too long. The point has been made, let's just hope it doesn't happen again…

  • Beverly says:

    this wig is distributed through several halloween stores Party City included. I didn't like the name of it but I think its a cute wig esp because the day I saw it I was rockin my hair like that. I don't think its that serious but I def was smh at it

  • Anonymous says:

    The wig is at party city too.

  • Anonymous says:

    im not going with the majority with this one .. i will say this….he name is actually stupid but i think the wig is cute. as for the lets not shop at kohls etc.. its really not that serious.

  • Curly Hairdo Ideas says:

    This is blown out of proportion. Yes, it was stupid advertising. But it's not just Kohls!! There's a TON of companies that sell this wig. and you can find equally offensive halloween costumes about "white trash" etc, like a pp said.

    Personally I think the hair is cute and once it's out of the package no one would care (or remember) what it was named.

    Would we be happier if they never made a afro wig at all? Isn't is good that the option is out there?

    IDK. Just food for thought.

  • Anonymous says:

    So by this logic only black people are allowed to have curly hair in this style? You are saying that these white models with unnatural hair colors for black women portray a product that is somehow racist, and associate that as racism against black people because you state that it portrays "natural black hair", so you are saying that only black people would ever wear their hair this way? I think I need to straighten my mexifro then. I'd hate to offend you with it.

  • Anonymous says:

    To the "intelligent" poster who stated that it was just a halloween custome, it is a major problem when peope think it's okay to be a ghetto fab person for Halloween. Sensitivity is not the issue, stupidity is!

  • Anonymous says:

    WOWWWW! It's situations like this that really make me say, "hmmmm". Now when you think of the amount of people that had to approve that presentation and sign off on it before it ever reached the website, it only makes you wonder about the judgement of those at Kohl's. So you mean to tell me they all thought that this was on the okey dokey? SMDH @ Kohl's …WOWWWWW!

  • shamigreen says:

    Your voices are POWERFUL!!! I checked the link… this item is no longer available on & it's name has now been changes to the curly wig!

    Good work ladies 🙂

  • Anonymous says:

    I would strongly advice all African American not to shop at Kohls. This makes no sense to me why a big company would even go to the extreme to say GHETTO WTF is ghetto?? I Believe that they think all ((Blacks)) are Ghetto Fuck KOhls

  • blknwhtbeauty says:

    Luv how u all went in on Twitter!

  • M. Johnson says:

    Just checked the Kohl's site, they changed the name to "Curly wig" then just removed it, so it's not available on their site. Way to go Curly Nikki Community!

    Perhaps a phone call or letter to them of appreciation is in order.

  • JazBNatural says:

    @ Brandy B. I think the same thing about clowns wearing afros.

  • Anonymous says:

    *we might not be able to save the world*

  • Anonymous says:

    People need to take responsiblity if someone was ignorant enough to come up with this they have to face the music so it isn't an accident they didn't have a gun to head when doing it……

  • Anonymous says:

    California Costumes need to repent!

    To those who are defending the wig i say this:

    *This a serious thing and no we will not get over it

    *This is ignorant and guess what it breeds more ingnorance

    *Racism is REAL and will be always be with us because its stem from racial pride(i.e thinking you are better than people from different races or nations n that attictude is prevalent in society (whether its tribal,countries its the same thing)

    *This puts people in a box so its ISN'T good

    *We should fight this because if no one does anything it doesn't get addressed

    *We might be able to save the word(for all the treehuggers out there) and all its problem but this we CAN deal with this by the pwower of the net and YES it makes a difference.Why worry about what i can't solve? That surely isn't productive.One day at a time that is my motto and today this is what im doing! I am proud to be resisting this ignorance being released into our society and have emailed them my two pence.

    * Rant over *sigh of releif* 🙂

  • Anonymous says:

    Let's not just be upset at the "ghetto fab" wig. I am offended every time there is a sporting event or rally of some sort and people dawn "afro" wigs as a joke. This is to say that afros are some form of comic relief. If someone were to wear a straight wig to a football game it would not be considered funny. The one that really burns my chops is when the afro wig is worn with the gorilla costume! I just do not see the humor in it. I just have never understood what is so funny about our hair.

    Brandy B.

  • Anonymous says:

    You are really getting upset over a wig? So much energy over something that could very well be an innocent mistake (do you really think a large company like Kohl's or even a Halloween manufacturer would take a chance with something they wanted to be directly racist over a throw away Halloween item? really?!) when you can direct your energy to actually helping people who are really suffering from racism, poverty, oppression, human trafficking, loss of jobs due to economy, starving children, etc and so forth. You really care about what people think of you and whatever race you may associate with? Then stop bitching and focus on something real. An insult only works if it is perceived and believed. Stop making something that isn't there and get on with your lives.

  • Dannielle says: I saw this wig awhile ago and while I wasn't offended I was pretty suprised.

  • Shannon Elle says:

    WoW! I think people are being waay too sensitive. It's a Halloween wig for crying out loud!

  • Anonymous says:

    Ok so yes it was in poor judgment for Kohl's (and and and, etc) to advertise this but people are using a lot of energy to isolate Kohl's when the focus should be on the company who distributes this wig since they have the power to have the name changed. Yes, Kohl's played its part but at the end of the day, they are just trying to sell a product that is in demand. The energy should be directed at the idiot(s) who sat at the conference table and decided that "ghetto" was the best way to describe an afro.

  • Lala says:

    I used to work for Kohl's and I can tell you first hand how I was treated, disrespected, and birated as an employee. I haven't been in there in five years until this year with my future mother in law and that's because she's an elderly Filipino woman and needed my help shopping from my step daughter's back to school. I politely stirred her away from the hateful store. I'm shocked and dismayed that they would even list a product like this… I will be calling first thing in the morning unless it's been taken down and removed. They are ruthless and henious!

  • Anonymous says:

    Ugh. I'm so sick of these corporations and their excuses. They say its going to be taken down off site, but I live near a kohls and if i see it, im going to be furious! But, I personally think that we should contact the company who made the wig instead of kohls. I think they also should at least change the name or something. And on another note, why does a curly fro have to be ghetto? The wig isn't ugly so why does it get an ugly name? America and their racist foundations will never die smh 🙁

  • Anonymous says:

    Kohl's is a horrible corporation, not only to its customers but its employees.Working for this company during my early years of college I saw how corrupt this company can be. I advise everyone to not spend your money on unethical companies.

  • Anonymous says:

    I checked out the manufacturer's web-site and all of their wigs have unique names. I am not defending them but they have a full curly-afro wig that is called "fine foxy fro wig" and a straight tossled wig called "ho wig". I think the company being located in downtown L.A. the company didn't think twice about using the term. I think they will think twice now.

  • Anonymous says:

    I am not a Kohl's shopper anyway, but I certainly expressed my disgust and told them that I would tell all I knew to not patronize their establishment. It is just truly pathetic! Why must those who envy continue to mock our napps, curls and kinks. No it is not ghetto and as I told Kohl's they have offended millions of women around the world who take pride in their afros, many of whom have never lived in a ghetto and do not have the "ghetto" mentality, personality or lifestyle.

  • Miss Jene says:


    I have just checked the site and it is no longer available. I've also checked where it is still being advertised:

    Our next target needs to be Amazon… I'm on the phone right now!!!

  • Anonymous says:

    The actual manufacuture of the wig is California Costumes, so I would think that the complaining should start there. Also Kohl's is not the only company selling the wig, you can also buy from Amazon and many other companies.

    Also, Kohl's has listed the product as no longer available, but you can still see in it on their site.

  • MsAnkh says:

    I have called several of these companies: khols, california costumes, shopzilla, costume craze,, amazon.con, Everyone seemed like they were going to do something except california costumes and costume craze. Which seems to be the suppliers of these wigs. They seemed unmoved and unfazed. Costume craze even went so far as to say that every customer takes things differently and where I might be offended someone else might like it. WORD???? So after a deep Wooosa I took his name and got off the phone with him with the quickness! Im going to call them tomorrow and request a manager.

  • Anonymous says:

    Then they have a straight hair wig called the "DREAM GIRL WIG" WOW!!! I guess we see where they stand on the whole good hair bad hair issue!

  • FrouLaLa says:

    I see the wig is "no longer available". How a national retailer like Kohl's missed the offensive nature of this one is beyond me. Reminds me of the recent "oreo" Barbie and "little monkey" doll at Wal-mart. Also, what's up with the makeup on the woman in the wig? Is the overly done, loud makeup meant to go along with the "ghetto fab" look? SMDH.

  • Anonymous says:

    I emailed my thoughts to: addressed to Kevin Mansell. He is the CEO currently I believe.

  • Robyn says:

    I just wrote a stern e-mail to – The company that is distributing this mess!! Please let them know how you feel!!

  • Sabrina R Perkins says:

    Wow…people are truly going OFF on Kohl's on FB….

  • iri9109 says:

    i just peeped the Kohl's FB page…omg people WENT IN…and so many other ppl said they called/wrote letters/emailed…i bet they'll think back on this the next time they advertise/sell something that is possibly offensive…

  • Anonymous says:

    Wow, word travels fast…I see a lot of curlies put Kohl's on blast on Facebook and they can't seem to backpeddle fast enough. I'm disappointed from reading some of the comments on Facebook, however, that this has once again warped into a race issue. While Kohl's has a responsibility to its customers, a quick web search proved that bad names for costumes are rampant. I had no problem finding trailer park/white trash wigs/costumes under that name. Again, while I don't approve, I can see why some people are arguing an oversensitivity to the issue…

  • Sabrina R Perkins says:

    I am NOT surprised…..anything embracing our natural selves must be ghetto in some non-black person's eyes. That is just another reason I love being natural. It must bother others if they hvae to attach a negative term to our hair.

  • iri9109 says:

    well it says its not longer available on the kohls site…and it was an internet exclusive (according to them) so i doubt you'll find it in kohl's stores…its still being sold all over the net though

  • Pi*Jay says:

    Also, Kohl's is not at the root of this issue. A company in California manufactures these wigs and it is mass marketed to a variety of companys including

  • KCAS says:

    This wig is not even a real afro 🙁

  • Pi*Jay says:

    Kohl's has issued several posts on facebook stating that the item is not avaiable in stores, it can no longer be purchased from their site, and it will be completely taken down by morning!!

    Yaay! The internet is awesome!

  • Anonymous says:

    If only it were that simple, then you have the 10,000 idiots that call in because the website name doesn't match the one on the package wanting to know if it's the same thing. It's never a win situation. This whole damn country is a mess. There is never one thing that someone/some place that can say or do ANYTHING that will not offend anybody. If we stood up for the actual things that mattered like we do for crap like this, the country wouldn't be like it is today. Why not stand up to the government? Things like the picture or the name on the website can be changed, but really? Are you going to call every company that carries them? How about the people that made them and then named them that? Apparently they sell or places wouldn't carry them. You shouldn't be offeneded, you should be proud; though there could have definitely been a better choice for the name. No disagreement there. Really though, there are 'bigger fish to fry'!

  • Exhale1913 says:

    I already called about this!! We definitely need to raise as much ruckus about this as we did for the Afroveda price hike!! LOL… The phone number is (262) 703-7000. I told them that even though they didn't name the wig, due diligence should have been done, and it is NOT acceptable that this made it up on the website!! Somebody CLEARLY dropped the ball!!

  • Anonymous says: It's supposedly taken down!

  • Neems says:

    @NoelleArtemis No problem. I'll be calling and writing too!

  • NoelleArtemis says:


    I just called the number you listed and left a message for a Jim Kelly. He has his cell phone number in his voice mail if you'd like to try him there. I asked him to change the description of the product and to give me a call back. We'll see what happens. Thanks for the info!

  • Anonymous says:

    Kohls is telling afrobella they will pull the wig from advertising; does this mean they will stop selling it? who knows?

    One store at a time… You can't keep giving in to this stuff or one day you may not get anything because you are "ghetto fab"…

  • Anonymous says:

    The same item is also sold at Sears,, amazon, kmart, and the list goes on. Type "ghetto fab wig" into google shopping and you get 6 pages worth of resellers for it.

  • Neems says:

    I did a bit of Google research and it appears that the wig manufacturer, California Costumes, is also at fault. Along with Kohls addressing the issue, the manufacturer should do that same. The name on the packaging needs to be changed. In my opinion, "afro" or "curly afro" would be more appropriate.

    California Costume Collections, Inc.
    210 South Anderson Street
    Los Angeles, CA 90033

    T 323 262-8383
    F 323 262-3561

  • Anonymous says:

    I think they should have called it "Nappy-headed Hoes."

  • Tina says:

    I have never liked Kohl's…I've always found the quality of their merchandise and customer service to be subpar.

    To carry such a product is beyond unacceptable in my opinion. Yes, we should voice our opinions to Kohl's representatives, but also to the many other distributers of this wig, and most importantly, the MANUFACTURER of the wig.

    The wig can be purchased all over the internet…Kohl's,,, and may other BIG NAME online stores:

    Also, I do not appreciate my AFRO PUFF being marketed as a Halloween accessory:

    Sadly, this is evidence that this country will never get beyond its racist foundation.

  • Anonymous says:

    I just called and was also told that the product is being removed. I was just about to start shopping at Kohl's too trying to save money. I can definitely shop somewhere else.
    @ Anonymous who suggested we 'Get over it' and other companies sell wigs like it, etc. Does that mean we're supposed to accept it just because other companies are doing it? If we continue to accept things even when they're wrong just because everyone else is doing it, society won't progress. How ignorant.

  • NoelleArtemis says:

    I just called Kohl's and lodged my complaint. When they asked me for my contact information, I gave it to them….and then I asked for someone to contact me back either in writing or with a phone call. Kohl's told me that 'Ghetto Fab Wig' was the description given by the manufacturer. I told the representative that even if it's the name the manufacturer uses, Kohl's could have named it something else before putting it on their site. I hope that this issue gets more mainstream coverage and isn't just regulated to the folks who frequent natural hair blogs.

  • Rhythm&Drama says:

    The following is what I sent to Kohl's via the email address provided by crimson_butterfly:

    OFFENDED is not the word! I cannot believe that this product was approved and labeled by such an offensive name. Is there not ONE person at Kohl's corporation that had the sensitivity and foresight to see that such advertising would be offensive to a LARGE group of the very people the marketing team is attempting to reach? Who said that essentially mocking an entire group of people is acceptable? And from the two measly reviews I see on your website I can also determine that this attempt is ineffective as well as insensitive.

    It is my hope that this ridiculous attempt at advertising will be removed immediately.

  • Unknown says:

    see….that's why I don't shop at Kohls….that's a ***% shame (excuse my french ladies). I really have no words, but I will definitely be calling them to complain, probably more once, because that is just slapp in the face racist advertising… no words!

  • Nicole-Maryland says:

    I'm certainly appalled!!

    So Kohl's is saying because we rock a curly do… We are ghetto, but put "fabulous" at the end hoping not to wrinkle feathers

    Crazy! I was about to stop by there today and shop

  • Anonymous says:

    Word Origin & History


    1611, from It. ghetto "part of a city to which Jews are restricted," various theories of its origin include: Yiddish get "deed of separation;" special use of Venetian getto "foundry" (there was one near the site of that city's ghetto in 1516); Egitto "Egypt," from L. Aegyptus (presumably in memory of the exile); or It. borghetto "small section of a town" (dim. of borgo, of Gmc. origin, see borough). Extended 1892 to crowded urban quarters of other minority groups. Ghetto-blaster "large portable stereo" is from 1982.

    ghetto: a thickly populated slum area, inhabited predominantly by members of an ethnic or other minority group, often as a result of social or economic restrictions, pressures, or hardships.
    ghetto:(formerly, in most European countries) a section of a city in which all Jews were required to live.
    ghetto: a section predominantly inhabited by Jews.
    ghetto: any mode of living, working, etc., that results from stereotyping or biased treatment: job ghettos for women; ghettos for the elderly.

    from site

  • Crimson_Butterfly says:

    I'm on hold with Kohl's as I type this. The sister that answered the phone couldn't answer any of my quesitons and has placed me on what seems to be forever hold. The supervisor is taking her sweet time getting to the phone.

    I've expressed to the supervisor Christina that I have curly hair, I'm college educated, work in the coroporate sector and does that make me ghetto? If we sold sombreo hats and called it the Mexican sun shade would that be acceptable, Yellow rice glasses and called it the Chinese face lift, and so on. None of these derogatory comments directed towards any specific gender is acceptable. Christina stated that she understands if people are offended and that she thanks me for calling in with my criticism about the product and its marketing. I explained to her that it isn't critiicism, but its a point of view and my perspective. I told her that I hope Kohl's would think twice before posting and utiilizing such tacky marketing practices. She was staunchy and short, I kept my cool…..

    Here is the email address she provided for complaints.

  • Anonymous says:

    him taking it off the site means its not going to be in the store? plus who cares what the kohls people thinks about natural hair. as long as everybody who has natural hair loves it why worry about some people we don't even know.

  • Sabrina says:

    Interesting that I put up the numbers to reach if anyone wanted to contact the company, and now my post is gone. I see where it's listed where others got it mentioned about them calling and no problem. I didn't have anything negative on my statement. ):

  • Anonymous says:

    U no what im going to do is to report all the images that come up under the image search as offensive!

  • Anonymous says:

    *sigh and shaking head* I am utterly shocked.The whole hair industry is at it *hangs head* I jus checked google and couldn't evne look at the pictures this is WRONG i swear down! Sorry UK talk here! LOL

  • Unknown says:

    @Anonymous 3:07 PM

    Does that mean that it should have been okay for Kohl's to advertise it that way?? I think not and the way that they are apologizing to everyone on twitter right now, THEY TOO see the errors in their ways!!!!!

  • SHANNON R. says:

    thats so offensive, that how me and a close friend and countless beautiful women wear our hair and im not "ghetto" at all. I just called the corporate number and complained about it. the lady said she would have marketing research the and hopefully remove, this is so wrong and putting yet another label on the black/natural community …EVERYONE CALL AND COMPLAIN TO KHOLS CORPORATE CUSTOMER SERVICE @ (262) 703-7000

  • Sabrina says:

    Well I went to there site and got the contact information on how to get in tounch with them to voice your opinion.

    Media Relations Please direct any questions about Kohl's Media Relations to:
    Phone: (262) 703-1335
    Fax: (262) 703-7115

    Human Resources Please direct any questions about Kohl's Human Resources to:
    Phone: (262) 703-7000
    Fax: (262) 703-6363

    Corporate Headquarters Kohl's Department Stores
    N56 W17000 Ridgewood Drive
    Menomonee Falls, WI 53051

    Phone: (262) 703-7000

    Community Relations For more information, visit our corporate site!

    You may also direct any questions about Kohl's Community Relations to:
    Phone: (262) 703-7000
    Fax: (262) 703-7115 Customer ServicePlease direct any questions concerning to this toll free number:

    Phone Toll Free:
    (866) 887-8884

    7am to 10pm CDT Monday through Saturday
    9am to 10pm CDT, Sunday

  • Anonymous says:

    Oh my goodness. It's called "ghetto fab" wig….not "ghetto" wig. Get over it. Google "ghetto fab wig" and you'll see all different types of Halloween companies selling the same exact wig with the same exact name.

  • Unknown says:

    @Kohls_Official has replied to me on Twitter.

    The tweet:

    @LMichelle1920 Thank you for your feedback. We are taking corrective action internally. We sincerely apologize for this situation.

    Hmmph. I want it taken down.

  • Anonymous says:

    I suggest that you go to, search for the wig, register, and leave your comment. then Kohls and everyone who visits that product area will see you comment. That is what I am doing!!

  • Anonymous says:

    I think this is so wrong.This is is insult to women who wear their hair like this. I personally wear my hair like this wig or not and there is nothing GHETTO about me . Kohl's should be ashamed of themselves for this and if they is a way i could comment….trust me, it would not be nice.

  • Emerald says:

    Wow, no words right now. When will these corporations learn? I can picture a group of caucasions in my head brainstorming the name then giving each other high fives.

  • Anonymous says:

    I call all people that see this ad to phone in and complain this is inacceptable!

    Iwould love to give em a peice of my mind but i cnt as i live in the Uk and they don't have an email address.

  • Anonymous says:

    *i meant to say is it people's fault?*

  • Anonymous says:

    What i don;t like oi the connatation attached to natural or curly hair! This has to change and with so much people going natural,NOW is the time! Wear your curls with pride and confidence. I fail to understand why curls are bad i mean its it people fault if they have curly hair? :C

  • Anonymous says:

    If that wig is called "ghetto" fab then a whole lot of sisters with curly hair wig or not are being typecast. I suggest we all contact everyone we know in the media about the use of "ghetto" for the name in this wig. Thanks to the bloggers for getting this out.

    We can effect change on this issue. If we can't do it with our use of the internet then this would be a shame.

    We did it before when a certain HBCU was down on locs and the policies were changed. Won't go there now.

    But this must be addressed by Kohls and an apology.

    If each one will contact a local brother or sister in the media right online we can get this to be newsworthy.

  • Anonymous says:

    What a shame! *hangs head*

  • Laleepop14 says:

    Definitely Offensive. So does that mean if my hair naturally looks like this, it looks ghetto? I actually think its a cute wig and does not look ghetto at all!!!!!

    Somebody got a whole lot of explaining to do!!!!

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