Latest ‘Mommy’ Observations:

1. She came equipped with some kind of a sixth sense- awaking, as if on cue, from sound sleep to cry or yell whenever I’m about to eat. And don’t let hubby get too close to me…she starts hollering as if to say, ‘oh hell naw, I am not ready to be a big sister yet!’

2. She poops or spits up on every cute outfit I buy her. Oh, and she hates when I touch her hair. Maybe she won’t be miss priss like her mama after all 🙂

3. Desitin is not toothpaste. Trust me.

4. Yeah, so poop is often the topic of conversation around here… and apparently I’m a butt sniffer now, lol.

5. Why are baby boogers so big? Her nose is so friggin’ tiny…

6. I’m lucky to get a shower before noon… hell, some days I’m just lucky to shower.

7. I’m quite good at multi-tasking now. At any moment, any given day, if you walked in my house, I’d be sitting at the desk, typing with one hand, pumping milk with the other, and bouncing Gia in her vibrating chair with my foot…. all at the same time.

8. Cleaning by myself is no longer a chore, it’s a friggin’ vacation.

9. I can’t leave the house without forgetting something. And I’m chronically late to everything. It’s embarrassing.

10. She’s been sleeping through the night (yay!), but I can’t or else my boobs would explode. Cruel and unusual.

Hardest job in the world but I love her more than ANYTHING!

You know I’ll be back soon to post her Halloween pictures. I bought candy for the kiddies the other day but I’ve already eaten most of it. Which means another trip to Walgreens is in order… I’ll probably end up buying a new hair product, or two 😉

Later Gators,