Learning to embrace your natural hair as adult is challenging enough… try doing it in middle school! Check out the Curl to Curl questions below and weigh in!
Having a Natural Tantrum
by Adriana S Fleury

As a natural who is trying to find her way in this natural realm, I find myself throwing more tantrums than experiencing the joy of this journey. To make matters worst, I am also in charge of the journey of my 12 year old daughter…double trouble!

I follow the natural hair blogs and sites such as Curly Nikki, Naturally Curly, etc, in search of how to take care of our hair. I think I’m getting there, however the issue is with my child. I’m taking in all I can to properly educate her, but she is not having it. She refuses to do twist or braid-outs– she thinks they’re “babyish”. She loves doing wash & go’s, but they’re drying her hair out.

It’s difficult already with a pre-teen in the mix of unique style and fashion choices, trying to be cool and popular… adding hair to the equation only complicates things.

How do I help her embrace her natural hair and try new styles?


Rhonda writes:

Pre-Teen Transitioning-When is it ok?

I LOVE your site and stalked it for quite a while before I got up the courage to transition. My last relaxer was in October 2009 and my BC was in April 2010. Whenever someone asks me about my hair I’m always quick to refer them to your site because I know without it I wouldn’t be where I am today, loving my hair for everything it is and everything it is not!

Your site has provided me with plenty of information to persuade people into embracing their natural hair. However, after talking with one of my sorority sisters I ran full speed into a brick wall when I couldn’t offer suggestions on when it would be “ok” for her 6th grade daughter to transition and go natural!!! We have all been in middle school and know how un-accepting and cruel some kids can be when it comes to being “different”. As adults it’s easier for us to ignore the comments BUT having had my own little “Come to Jesus” talk with myself after my BC I know that accepting your natural hair is a physical and mental process that could be too difficult for a child. I would never suggest the BC because braids or other protective styles could assist with the transition BUT once the hair is 100% natural what would be the next step in getting the girl to embrace a natural texture she has never seen or had to deal with? Although I would feel like a hypocrite going along with a child continuing to get relaxers until a certain age, I can definitely empathize with a mother of a pre-teen daughter who is scared of the backlash her child might receive for going natural.

With that said, CN Community when it is ok for a pre-teen to transition?