Tonya McKay Becker of writes:

Taking great care of our delicate curly tresses seems to introduce the occasional (okay, frequent) dilemma into our daily routines. One particular problem is that of sopping wet hair and what to do with it. It is possible to protect your hair from thermal damage by avoiding the use of hair dryers, and frizz can be minimized by avoiding the use of regular bath towels as turbans. But, air drying thick, curly hair that is saturated with water and product can literally take hours, which is neither convenient nor stylish. A wet head really doesn’t lend itself to a professional persona either. So, as we endeavor to maintain our professional credibility, avoid catching colds (if you believe that particular old adage), and have the best looking locks we can, sometimes we find ourselves looking for methods or products which might be of assistance to us in reducing the drying time of our hair.

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