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Curly Nikki

Half Cornrows with Three Strand Twist Out!

By August 6th, 202114 Comments

NikG of Braids, Beads, & Beyond writes:



    • I placed A’s freshly washed hair in 10 large single braids for a day to stretch her hair out a bit.


    • The next day I took the braids out and added a generous amount of Bee Mine Luscious Moisturizer to her hair. I finger detangled a bit then used our modified Denman Brush.


    • I parted her detangled hair from ear to ear then tied the back off to get it out of my hair.


    • I began parting with the end of my metal rat tail comb at a slight slant starting on the right side of her head. I added a little Bee Mine Curly Butter and cornowed that section.



    • After cornrowing the first section I split the top section of hair right in the middle, then began parting at the very front of the middle part. I continued to part down at a slant and cornrowed that section.


    • I then parted about an inch back from the second cornrow, once again, at slant.


    • I continued parting at a slight slant until I got to the middle of her hair. I parted those sections a little more straight back.


    • I went to the left side of her head and did the same exact thing.


    • I also want to note, as I finished each cornow, I braided about half an inch down.


    • After I was done cornowing the top section, I gathered the first three cornowed sections on the right side of her hair, sprayed her hair with a little water then added a little Bee Mine Curly Butter and began doing a three strand twist with those three sections.


    • Click here for our three strand twist video tutorial.


    • I went to the left side of her hair, gathered the first three cornows on that side, and proceeded to three strand twist those sections as well.


    • Since the other cornrowed sections were a little larger/thicker, I simply wet each section, added the curly butter, and three strand twisted each section alone.


    • I then took down the back of her hair, sprayed it with a little water and started grabbing large sections to twist. I did not use a comb for these sections, I just used my fingers.


    • In the morning I took her three strand twists out and she got a nice, soft and fluffy twist out! I took a wide tooth comb and fluffed the roots up a bit and she was all ready for school!


Total Styling Time: 1.5 hours

Here’s what her three strand twists looked like after sleeping on them. They flattened out a bit because I didn’t put them up.


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