I recently celebrated my Natural Birthday! I’ve however noticed that my hair is uneven (due to my bad self cut I’m sure!). I’m now in the process of finding a stylist in my area who specializes in handling natural hair. That’s a feat in its self here in my somewhat non-curly town.
In any event, I found a salon, they came with rave reviews from friends and family. Now, it seems I have another hang up. I can’t gather up the strength to go and get the cut I KNOW I need. I am SCARED! I am worried they will hack away all of my length and leave me at square one. We’ve all seen Youtube clips where a natural woman (or man) goes in for a trim and walks out 3+ inches shorter… EVEN when they’ve only asked for a trim!

What are some things I should ask for when going in for the trim? How do people get over this fear?