CN and hubby circa 2006

NaptownCurls a.k.a Darlene writes:

I read a lot of comments from naturals who say “they wished they knew then, what they know now” when it comes to taking care of their natural hair. Since I’m one year natural, I’m always curious as to what they have learned that has made a difference in taking care of their natural hair today?

CN responds:

What I’d tell myself 5 years ago:

-You’ll retain more length in stretched styles. Stop w&g’ing and try twist-outs… you’ll love them and you won’t have to do your hair every friggin’ day.

-Back away from the blow dryer and flat iron and don’t even think about getting those highlights. You’ll be sorry. Your strands are too fine and prone to breakage.

-You don’t need gel for definition, in fact conditioner styling gives you ‘the look’ you want– fluffy, soft, defined (but a little good frizz) and care-free.

-Hennas your friend. Research it and try it out!

-Skip products that contain large amounts of protein.

-Drink lots of water, for overall health… but for your hair too!

-Deep treat often!