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Curly Nikki

I Wish I Knew Then, What I Know Now

By January 27th, 202113 Comments
I Wish I Knew Then, What I Know NowCN and hubby circa 2006

NaptownCurls a.k.a Darlene writes:

I read a lot of comments from naturals who say “they wished they knew then, what they know now” when it comes to taking care of their natural hair. Since I’m one year natural, I’m always curious as to what they have learned that has made a difference in taking care of their natural hair today?

CN responds:

What I’d tell myself 5 years ago:

-You’ll retain more length in stretched styles. Stop w&g’ing and try twist-outs… you’ll love them and you won’t have to do your hair every friggin’ day.

-Back away from the blow dryer and flat iron and don’t even think about getting those highlights. You’ll be sorry. Your strands are too fine and prone to breakage.

-You don’t need gel for definition, in fact conditioner styling gives you ‘the look’ you want– fluffy, soft, defined (but a little good frizz) and care-free.

-Hennas your friend. Research it and try it out!

-Skip products that contain large amounts of protein.

-Drink lots of water, for overall health… but for your hair too!

-Deep treat often!


  • Anonymous says:

    Dont try to relax it natural is beautifull!
    And comb it a better way and get rid of tangles.
    I'm like if i knew it before i did'nt have to cut my hair back to whole short ones, medium cut another time and back to a twa for some times ago.
    I'm like if i had taked better care i would had gotten long hair now, but then i think thats fine enough i cant do anything about know, and the length is fine and i like my hair, so just style it so u like it and take care then the length will come and the shine and healthiness will stay for sure. 🙂

  • Anonymous says:

    Beautiful picture/hair, CN!

    Anyway, my tip would be to give your edges a break from time to time. Try styles that create little to no tension on your hairline and edges (ie, twist-outs). Moisturize them regularly, as well.

  • AusetAbena says:

    1. As a natural, water is your friend. Humectants are water's best friend.
    2. Moisture is nothing if you don't seal it in.
    3. Know the difference between penetrative oils (coconut and olive) and sealing oils (jojoba and castor).
    4. KISS: Keep It Simple Sister
    5. Forget the pretty packaging. The basic ingredients are better than products that contain 100 ingredients.
    6. You can never have too much conditioner.
    7. Sulfate free is the only way to be.
    8. Lather, rinse, but do not repeat, unless you want overly dry hair.
    9. Extra virgin coconut oil is not only better for your hair, but also smells much better than the refined kind.
    10. Enjoy your hair at every length.
    11. A pick is not necessary, and can be harmful.
    12. Between blogs, YouTube, and forums, there is no reason to claim natural hair ignorance. All the information you need is right at your fingertips.

  • Anonymous says:

    Love post. The two of you make a beautiful couple.
    Wish I knew then:
    1.) Hair loves water.
    2.) Hair loves aloe vera. (Shealoe & Spritz)
    3.) Hair loves Cassia Obovata.
    4.) Only comb hair with conditioner on my dome (Ouidad Double Detangler and Denman d1431).
    5.) Must deep condition at least once a week.
    6.) Headbands – From bad hair day to Super Diva Puff – be careful not to over do it and break hair
    7.) Hair loves simple organic products.
    8.) Be gentle
    9.) Trim out knots
    10.) Use heat sparingly or not at all
    11.) Love yourself and hold on to it, especially when negative energy starts coming your way.
    Live, Love, Peace. ~OrganciallyGrownCurls

  • Anonymous says:

    Creamy crack is one a helluva drug.

    It took a bad texturizer to realize my hair doesn't like relaxer.

    If you have see through ends – then relaxer ain't for you

    If you have a dry, dull, orangey hue to your hair – then relaxer aint for you

    If your relaxed pals have hair past their shoulders – and you keep getting the Halle Berry "cause you like that style" – then relaxer ain't for you

    If you get tired of walking out of the salon after 4 hours looking like Katt Williams – then relaxer ain't for you

    If you like the look of healthy vital hair – then relaxer ain't for you

    If you like how you turn heads with your cute TWA or throwback BAA – then relaxer ain't for you

    If you are thrilled that your hair is no longer thinning,
    or snapping
    or falling out all over the sink –
    You like hair that's healthy and growing, thriving and flowing,
    born out of you
    – just FOR you –

    Then relaxer DEFINITELY – AIN'T – FOR – YOU

  • kitka82 says:

    As this is my third time "going natural" I would say:

    1) You don't have to chop it off, you can transition. This got me through the first four months, which I thought was the hardest.
    2) Put down the comb and back away! I learned that I get the best results (and no pain) when I only comb with a wide tooth comb while my hair is soaking wet and full of conditioner.
    3) Drink plenty of water and use good products, organic when possible. Doesn't have to be expensive though.
    4) This is the hair you were born with, and it's beautiful. Learn all you can about it and HAVE FUN playing with it!

  • Cheryl says:

    For me personally, what I know now that I did not know then is that my hair loves, loves, loves water. It is a great moisturizer.

  • Anonymous says:

    I just learned from an interview of Chicorro on another website that if you have different lengths of hair do not cut your hair to even it out or it will never grow. I had been doing that. I am not going to cut unless it is for knots or splits.

  • Anonymous says:

    1) Deep treat! Deep treat! Deep treat- overnight at least once a week. Did I say Deep treat? lol
    You will see a major difference in your hair AND it is a relaxing way to give yourself a little love.
    It isn't called deep TREAT for no reason!

    2) Drink water, take vitamins, eat right and exercise often!- Great for overall health, but results definitely will show up in your hair!

    3) Henna 2x per month (or at minimum once a month).

    4) Stay away from haters!

  • Anonymous says:

    Stop flat ironing you hair, it is causing heat damage which results is a variation of hair patterns.

  • Anonymous says:

    FREEZE! run away from the relaxer.

  • socialitedreams says:

    pre-poo.wash.condition.leave-in.moisturize.seal. those steps will save you much heartache about dryness

    protective styling is your length retention friend! you'll love two strand twists and twist outs, along with wigs to cover the twists on cold days that you don't want to deal with the hair. also helps you to keep from getting bored as you are SO apt to do vonnie, and this way you can have a different look with the choice of a wig.

    watch more youtube videos for styling, product reviews, so that you can build a great routine early on


  • HairPolitik says:

    Thanks! You just saved me 5 years of searching! 🙂

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