Knights of Columbus, I'm Tired!

Knights of Columbus, I'm Tired!


Friggin’ kudos and hats off to all of the super moms out there. Seriously, this is NO joke. Apparently the stakes have been upped and I need to put on the big girl panties.

The motivation to write this short post came a moment ago. I’m used to running in all directions, top speed, all the time. I’m also self-absorbed so this has been quite the adjustment period. Pre-Gia, on a typical weekend, I could hit the grocery store, goof off at the mall, walk 6 miles, blog, do my hair, laze around the house, blog, clean the house, wash the clothes, spend time with the hubs, fold the clothes, chat (gossip) with friends and watch all of my favorite Tivo’ed programs. Now that The Boss has arrived, everything has come to a screeching halt… or at least a ridiculously slow crawl. It’s Sunday and I’ve done nothing but tend to G baby. Father Abraham! This is not for the faint-hearted…

I’m a notoriously anal person- – I’m very punctual, very organized and I live and die by my thoughtfully composed to-do list. When I can’t do something I need or rather want to do ‘right now’, I freak out. Well, Gia’s learning me… my schedule no longer exists. I’m doing what I can around the incessant pumpings (every 3 hours! I swear every time I look up it’s 9pm… the day flies by when you’re living in 3 hour increments), Gia’s naps, diaper changes and fit pitchings. She’s not a fussy baby, but she’s demanding and likes to be held and entertained when she’s awake. I’m blessed in that hubby is a trooper and a great dad– we take shifts, so even though I get a few hours of sound sleep at night, and a couple of hours to myself during the day, it’s still not enough! I feel like I need 4 more hands and a couple of nannies.

Don’t believe me? I typed this whole damn post with one friggin’ hand, took 30 minutes. Gia’s wiggling in my other arm.

Rant over 🙂