Hair Confessions: Naifys

by West of Confessions of a Blog Vixen

Name: Naifys

Age: Not Disclosed

Geographical Location: Hollywood, California

Educational Background: B.A. Liberal Arts & Education

How important is hair to overall attractiveness? Specifically, which styles (down vs. ponytail vs. bun) and lengths?

There are a few things that I like and dislike. Hair (along with facial features) is definitely important in attraction. It’s important because that is the first thing you see. You can tell a lot about a woman based on her hair. I find women with short curly hair to be more attractive.

Do you feel there is a ‘Natural Hair Movement’ currently occurring? Why do you think so many women are going natural (i.e. Do you think most women want to make a statement or to just stop relaxing)?

Yes, I feel there is a natural hair movement. I like it because women are realizing hair products weigh you down and people are interested in what their hair texture really looks like. Also, with natural hair, it shows a woman’s facial structure. I think Cassie started something. She has women shaving the sides of their hair in liberation. Maybe she is training one side of her scalp. Lol.

Would you support your significant other if she decided to become natural?

Yes, I would support her because I like the edginess, texture, and the fact that I can run my fingers through it with no problems.

Are you able to tell the difference in textures of hair? If your significant other were to go natural, would the texture of her hair affect your opinion on whether she should remain natural or not?

Yes! If my girlfriend had a texture that I didn’t approve of, I would definitely let her know. She wouldn’t have to change anything, but I would let her know how I felt about it.

Do you like or dislike when your significant other changes her hair style often (i.e. wigs, weaves, braids, flat ironed, wash & go)?

I don’t like it because I feel as though she is abusing her hair and that she is disrupting the texture all the time.

Does the amount of time your significant other spends on her hair prove to be problematic?

I think it would be a problem if she wasn’t ready when it is time to go out.

How do you feel about the amount of money your significant other spends on her hair? Is there a point where the amount of money is a source of conflict? Is it acceptable for her to spend as much as she chooses as long as she looks fly?

It is acceptable as long as she has money to tend to her other business.

Do you think your significant other should consider your opinion when making decisions about her hair?

Yes she should. I’m not saying that she has to listen to me but she should still consider my opinion because we are together. Hair plays a lot of roles in a relationship …in and out of the bedroom J I say that to say this, sex is physical and I like to run my fingers through my significant other’s hair.

Why do you think women care about a man’s opinion when it relates to hair?

In a woman’s thought process, our opinion matters, so hair is just another entity because we are the ones that have to look at and like it. You can stay home with that bag on your head! Lol.

How do you view women that wear weaves? Can you tell the difference between natural hair and a weave?

Sometimes you can see a girl’s tracks and sometimes you can’t. It depends on the person that did it.

How do you feel about satin sleeping bonnets or any type of hair scarf?

I like hair scarves because it keeps a woman’s hair in place.

Does it matter to you whether your significant other’s hair is relaxed or not?

No. It doesn’t matter. I like both styles.

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