Carnisha’s back by popular demand, dishing on her BC and current routine!

On her hair routine…
I wash once a week with Kinky Curly Come Clean (love it),detangle with HE Totally Twisted, Deep Condish under dryer with Mixed Chicks Deep Conditioner (leaves my hair really soft), I apply olive oil and shea butter, let my hair dry about 60 percent to do medium sized twists for a soft defined twist out.

My hair likes shampoo so I use Kinky Curly Come Clean Shampoo, occasional co-wash with HE Totally Twisted, Detangler/Leave in HE Totally Twisted or Repure Organics (Red Bottle), Moisturize with Olive Oil and Coconut Oil, Set twists with Shealoe butter or a little Mizani Butter Rich Creme. That’s about it.

Advice for transitioners…
My advice to those afraid to do the BC…Just take the leap!! I am sooo glad I did. I did not realize how much I was “hiding” behind my hair until I cut it off. I felt very nervous about going in public initially, but by day 3 I was loving it and feeling very confident. I did not transition because I knew I would punk out down the line and go back to the relaxers. I really had to take that leap and JUST DO IT. My husband was a great support and encourager (he actually cut my hair for me!), and here I am a year later!! Natural and loving it.

Original Post 10/23/10

Check out the massive growth Carnisha retained in just one year:

Carnisha writes:

Hi Nikki,

On 9/25/2010, I reached my 1 year natural anniversary and I was so excited! I’d like to share some pics of my journey in hopes that it will inspire others. The pics are of my BC, 10 months post, and 1 year later 🙂

Your site is fabulous, and has been such a great help!! Keep it up lady!