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So, I’m sitting in my college dormitory; watching television when I could be doing something better with my time, and what do I see on MTV? A Living Above the Influence commercial that features a young black teen. She says, “So what if everyone is getting a relaxer; I’m going natural”!! I was so excited and surprised that I just had to share it with the Curly Nikki hair community! Be on the lookout for this commercial! Yay for Natural hair in mass media.

CN Responds: I saw this commercial last week… it was around 3am (like it is now sadly) and I was up for one of my early morning pumpings. I remember thinking, ‘Man alive! Did she say what I think she said?!’ I had the biggest smile on my face and immediately took it back and hit the record button so the hubs could see it. I couldn’t believe it! Loves it 🙂