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Cynthia writes:

I’m curious about hair growth goals. I read about it on natural hair sites and in forums. I don’t have specific growth goals. As long as it’s healthy, growing and there isn’t any obvious breakage, the specific length certainly doesn’t matter. Specifically, I’m looking at how my hair flatters my face, the volume, or even manageability to decide how long my hair should be. I do not plan to straighten by any method and WNG, so my air dried hair is the outcome. Several people have asked me since my TWA has grown out, “so what are you gonna do with your hair now?” My usual response is, “I guess I’ll just keep letting it grow and see what happens”.
But many natural women do have specific hair length goals – Bra Strap Length (BSL), Arm Pit Length (APL), etc.

Do you have a specific hair length goal? Why or why not?

How has your hair goal changed since becoming a seasoned natural or since your Big Chop?

CN Responds: My ideal length is somewhere between chin and shoulder length shrunken, or bra strap length stretched. It’s easily managed at this length– any shorter and big messy buns aren’t possible and any longer and detangling becomes a nightmare. At this length I achieve optimal volume and a great shape.