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Natural Hair Testimonials- Tina

By January 27th, 20215 Comments

Natural Hair Testimonials- Tina

UnWrapping HapPiness

by Tina of Full Figure Monologues

There comes a time in your life when you have to sit yourself down and take a long look at who you are. In that one moment, everything comes into perspective, blinders off. I never truly understood the power of inner beauty and strength more so than I do now.

I have been natural for a little over a year now and wish that I would have done it a lot sooner. I am enjoying my natural texture and just letting my hair do whatever it wants. I am simply doing me and I am absolutely loving it!

I never realized how much my hair played a huge role in how I felt about myself. Influences in society such as magazines and t.v. commercials stressed that unless your hair was straight, bouncy and shiny, you were just not the idea of beauty by their standards.

Now that I am older, wiser and use the ability to look beyond the surface, I am absolutely happy!
Everyone has the power to define who they are, but it means absolutely nothing until you act on it. Once you get “IT” there is no turning back.

To finally come into your own and feel absolutely comfortable about who you are is absolutely “priceless!”


  • Anonymous says:

    I had a funny moment today .. My co-worker looked over the desk and asked "Whats wrong with your hair?" I did a wash n go with my tiny afro.. So I look like the dude from the Incredibles(Incediboy) We all laughed..

  • Anonymous says:

    Great article I can totally relate! Boy o boy I was definately one of those women that took pride in keeping my hair on-point you hear me!!! and surprisingly while I thought from time to time about how I would look as a natural; I couldn't amagine that I would have enough courage to wear "that hair" outside!lol Can you believe that BS! I mean I just couldn't picture walking outside with "nappy" hair! It's so darn sad becuase now that I have been "enlightened" I'm mad that I didn't "embrace" me sooner!

    I'm going on 4 years natural! Horyay… I can hardly believe it sometimes. But like the blogger stated you realize the significant role that hair plays in your life and how becoming natural has empacted my life in so many positive ways;amazing! Don't get me wrong I still have my good and bad days but I have come a long way baby!lol

    Going natural for me was like eating something that didn't taste that great and some times it was down right unbearable! But its those un-tasty foods that are the healhiest for you! You may not like how it tastes but the benefits definately outway the costs! Keep that in mind!
    Insightful article!

  • Kimmy says:

    I totally relate to this article. I will admit, when I was a young lass I bought into the hype that my looks were not right. I needed to have the small nose, lips, hips, and straight, long hair. Going natural was very scary, but I'm glad I overcame that fear. When I looked the mirror the first day I style my twa, I LOOKED BEAUTIFUL, SEXY, & FIERCE!

    I wish I could go back in time to tell that young lass you don't need to look like anyone else, becuase you'll turn out to be so fly once you accept yourself for who you are 🙂

  • Jenell : BlakIzBeautyful says:

    LOL @ Lori!

    I feel the same way!

    I've been natural for 6 months and I never imagined my journey would have this impact on me.

    Going natural was something I NEVER ever considered! Some woman have toyed with the idea, but never committed or they toyed with the idea, but it took a lot of time for them to commit.

    For me, I NEVER even thought about it! It just never came to mind until my cousin brought it up and I thought she was NUTS!! Why would I wanna grow nappy hair?? LOL

    But God knows that my decision to grow out my natural kinky curly coily hair has positively impacted my life so much!!! I mean, theres just no way to truly explain how happy I am about my hair, myself, and my journey.

    I love my hair. I love the blackness of it. I love the texture of it. I love the frizziness of it. I love the thickness of it. I even love my lack of curl definition!!!

    I love everything about it!!!

  • Lori says:

    A year ago I would have rolled my eyes at this article because I had NO CLUE how liberating it would feel not worrying about what other people think of my hair…more importantly, a year ago I didn't realize how unhealthy my image of hair was towards myself, my friends and women I didn't know, but might see on the street.

    I totally understand what the author is speaking of. Thank you for writing it!

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