UnWrapping HapPiness

by Tina of Full Figure Monologues

There comes a time in your life when you have to sit yourself down and take a long look at who you are. In that one moment, everything comes into perspective, blinders off. I never truly understood the power of inner beauty and strength more so than I do now.

I have been natural for a little over a year now and wish that I would have done it a lot sooner. I am enjoying my natural texture and just letting my hair do whatever it wants. I am simply doing me and I am absolutely loving it!

I never realized how much my hair played a huge role in how I felt about myself. Influences in society such as magazines and t.v. commercials stressed that unless your hair was straight, bouncy and shiny, you were just not the idea of beauty by their standards.

Now that I am older, wiser and use the ability to look beyond the surface, I am absolutely happy!
Everyone has the power to define who they are, but it means absolutely nothing until you act on it. Once you get “IT” there is no turning back.

To finally come into your own and feel absolutely comfortable about who you are is absolutely “priceless!”