DvaAuNaturel writes:

I was recently at a seminar and of course I could not stop observing the hair of the female attendees. As I noticed the differences in hair textures, length, and overall appearance I wondered about the role of our family history in our hair’s health. Although we know the damage chemicals can have on the hair and that natural hair tends to be healthier and stronger, there are women I’ve observed with long, beautiful, and healthy looking relaxed hair. There are also some naturals who have beautiful long hair and others with short (not by choice) hair. In my own family on my maternal side my relatives hair tends to be shorter. However, on the paternal side of my family, my female relatives tend to have longer hair. I was blessed growing up with thick, long, and healthy hair until I started experimenting. Now that I’m getting back to basics after a recent second BC I want to know what role genetics will play in what my hair will achieve in terms of length.

So, what role do you think genetics will play, or have played, in reaching your hair goals?