Nicole- A Story of Transition
Meet Nicole… she intended to be a long term transitioner but chopped last weekend!

Nicole- A Story of Transition

CN: Are you a long term or short term transitioner, and why?

I plan on being a long term transitioner. I started transitioning in May 2010. I didn’t know I was going to transition until I did. I plan on transitioning until May 2011, but I am having a really hard time containing my need to BC after looking at this site! Since I’m transitioning, I am loving the fact that I can actually see my own natural hair! It’s amazing how we have been conditioned to see our new growth as something bad, when in actuality, it is absolutely gorgeous!

CN: How do you think family and friends will react to the new you? How will you respond?
I have told my friends that I am doing it and I think they are just thinking, “there she goes again… changing her hair!” LOL!! I am known to become bored with my hairstyle. I honestly do not care if people like it or hate it. It is for me and this is just another part of my life journey. The hubby on the other hand, his opinions and concerns always matter to me. He has been honest with me from day one and I think he is a appreciating the fact that his wife has learned to accept herself and her hair… he’s awesome!

CN: What is your transition routine?

I am currently wearing a curly weave. This allows me to leave some of my hair out and prevents me from using a relaxer or flat iron on the portion that is left out. I LOVE IT! I am a CurlyNikki stalker, so I have been using some of the products that others have suggested; Herbal Essence Hello Hydration and Giovanni Direct Leave-In among others. I make sure to co-wash at least once a week and I have been using Olive oil, coconut oil, and Shea butter as a sealer.

CN: What is your staple hair style during the transition?

Basically letting the weave do its thang! LOL!! I really just let it hang or put a scarf around it when I am feeling like my own hair is not responding well to me that day!! It’s kinda stylish! LOL!!

CN: How do you moisturize your hair to prevent breakage at the new growth line?

I use leave in conditioners and oils. I just really want to chop off my straight hair and not worry about breakage, but I must be patient!!

CN: Why did you choose to go natura
That’s a very interesting question. I chose to go natural for many reasons. I think my initial reason was for health benefits. I have transitioned into a healthier lifestyle with my husband and I just felt that this was the last step. NO MORE CREAMY CRACK!!! I also started thinking “why don’t I like my natural hair?” That question started to bother me. It made me realize that I was programmed not to like it and that scared me and pissed me off! I also started to think about having a child one day. What if I had a daughter? Would I be teaching her not to fully love who she is too? This terrified me so I decided to be free of what others thought as beauty, what I thought was beauty and actually embrace all of me. I wanted to stop covering up my new growth with chemicals. I wanted to stop covering up my beauty with other people’s idea of beauty.

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Nicole- A Story of Transition

Update! Nicole Big Chopped on 10/23/10!
Nicole- A Story of Transition