I’ve decided to go back to my au naturale roots. YES! Now just a little background on my hair journey:

I’ve ALWAYS had long and extremely thick hair. I’m talking so thick that my ears would become
hot and flushed when my hair covered them. I was that girl in school whose ponytail was bigger than her body. (don’t laugh…ok you can laugh) Oh yes, that was me, lol. But anyway, my mom never used a lot of chemicals (we did get occasional texturizers every 3 to 6 months) and my sister and I wore styles that consisted mainly of twists, pigtails, braids and the occasional press and curl. So fast forwarding to high school, I still had a ton of hair. As most girls do, I experimented with cuts, colors and such. I never thought it was a big deal because I never had a problem growing hair. I could cut it in January and it would be back in December. Not a problem.

College was the same way but it was that time that I started coming into my own. My own style,
“swag” if you will! I started seeing more and more people with natural hair. So I slowly began to spread out the length of time between “texturizers” until I was doing it only about once a year and then phasing it out completely. To make an even longer story short I have been without chemicals since 2001. I’ve always had sensitive skin and about a year ago I had very bad flare up on my scalp. I used some products for seborrheic dermatitis (which shall remain nameless),
which caused my hair to dry out really bad and ultimately fall out in some spots. Needless to say I was devastated. After going to my dermatologist, I was healed and back on track to a healthy head. Even though my hair was coming back, it still wasn’t as luxurious and healthy as it had been. And regardless of how I tried to manipulate it in various styles, it just wasn’t right. So, I decided to do that big chop and start all over. It was a drastic change but I felt great and
now there’s no turning back!!!!!!

Here are pics from day one of the big chop to a little color to where I am now. I even threw a pic in there of my big sis and I. She’s a natural diva as well! Enjoy!