Free2Be writes:

I have had some extra time on my hands lately and I’ve been able to peruse older/archived topics from about hair styles and products. When I came across some older topics, such as the one providing Nikki’s directions for a “pineapple” and how she uses Goody Spin Pins, I felt like I’d found a treasure. These are articles I read previously, but at the time I didn’t have the hair length to really use the info. Now that my hair has grown out from a TWA into a medium sized afro, I feel like I’ve learned a new trick just reading through old posts! I was actually giddy! I also re-discovered topics about how to shampoo, apply conditioners, deep conditioners, and detangle in the shower. *I swear I did read the articles/topics before, but I couldn’t make practical use of the info at the time so apparently it all leaked out of my head.

Now that I’ve re-discovered this treasure trove, I am trying to develop a useful means of accessing all of that information in ONE PLACE without needing to turn on my computer every time. I LOVE the internet. I ADORE But I’m just not able to always get to the computer when I’m sitting at my dressing table staring in the mirror wondering what on earth I’m going to do today/tonight. I thought about printing hard copies of pertinent articles and photos and compiling my own little “Natural Hair Scrapbook”, so to speak. I love the idea of having at my fingertips and until Nikki writes her long-awaited (c’mon girl!) book (Ahem!!!!), I need something quick for those early mornings or unexpected events in life when I don’t have time to turn on my laptop. I’ll be able to pull out this handy dandy scrapbook and go directly to what I need. I’m going to let my OCD run wild, i.e. color-coded tabs and dividers, plastic sleeves covering each page so nothing gets damaged by product-covered fingers, an index/table of contents, you name it!

So, here’s my question:

For circumstances when we are unable to access a computer, how do other readers keep track of the natural hair styling tips, tools, and products we’ve learned about through the site? Have you printed Nikki’s articles for quick access? Do you have a portfolio of hair styles found at the site or elsewhere online? Do you collect hair magazines? Do you tack photos and stories alongside your bathroom mirrors/dressing table mirrors? Spill the beans!