Overcoming Boredom- Natural Hair

Overcoming Boredom- Natural HairTerraD writes:

As a natural for nearly two years, I’ve noticed that I’ve gotten bored with my hair. Whether I’m dying for a new cut, color or style, I find myself constantly searching for new ways to rekindle the love and excitement.

Have you ever grown bored with your hair?

How do you satisfy your need for a new look?

CN Responds: The last time I grew bored with my hair, it was dangerous. I contemplated an asymmetrical cut and even highlights (despite my dissastrous experience with them back in 2005). I ended up randomly cutting layers into my hair and rocking a bun for a while. I find that I always appreciate my hair more when it’s been hidden away. Buns usually cure me of my boredom… it makes wearing my hair ‘out’ feel like an event.

For those of you with the tendency to reach for the scissors, check out this post which details a style that mimics a hair cut!