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A Review of Miss Jessie’s Curly Meringue

By January 27th, 202138 Comments

A Review of Miss Jessie's Curly MeringueMcGradyLady writes:

What it’s supposed to do:
Medium Hold, Define Curls, Control Frizz, Add Shine

Ingredients: Purified Water, Carbomer, PVP, VP/VA Copolymer, Vegetable Glycerin, Triethanolamine, Wheat Germ Oil, Lemongrass Extract, Sodium Hydroxymethylglyclycinate, Tetrasodium, EDTA, FD&C Yellow 5, Fragrance.

What did it do for my hair:
Now I must say, I’ve avoided using Miss Jessie’s products because of the price. I am a very thrifty chick and I couldn’t see myself paying a lot of money for a hair product. Plus, a lot of ladies told me that it was overpriced and not worth it. So while in Target and feeling the frustration from not finding a styling cream that I actually like 100%, I broke down and bought Curly Meringue. I paid $22 for the 8oz jar.

I washed my hair and applied it for a braid out. Wasn’t too impressed with the definition (I think if I braided neater it would have looked more defined), but the hold was pretty good. Next, I tried it on damp hair for a twist out… Loved it!!!. My hair was so defined and shiny and it lasted for 3 days. I think I may have applied too much because my hair felt a little hard, but it was cool. So far so good! A re-purchase may be in the future.

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A Review of Miss Jessie's Curly Meringue

A Review of Miss Jessie's Curly MeringueTwist-Out after 3 days

A Review of Miss Jessie's Curly Meringue

Have you tried Curly Meringue?


  • Heythere says:

    I'm glad to read the product I tried, Miss Jessie's Buttercream, is for moisture. My hair needs a lot of moisture.

  • Heythere says:

    I tried a little of Miss Jessie's curling butter cream. Applied it to my dry, one day old, twist out and loved it! I got so many compliments at work.

  • KC says:

    I had to post this, because I avoided MJ's for so long because of the hype over price, ingredients, and all that shizz.

    I waited to pick up the Baby Buttercreme and Curly Pudding during the BOGO at Target (after Thanksgiving, I think?).

    I am currently experiencing the best dry twistout of my life so far, thanks to Baby Buttercreme. I will be using Curly Pudding for a rod set. My hair is super soft, shiny, and moisturized. And thanks to Miss J, I'll be trying the Buttercreme and Pudding together for my next trick.

    The product is so thick, I'm sure it will last me a very long time. It's worth it, for me.

    Don't believe the hype, whether it's positive or negative. You have to decide for yourself.

  • Anonymous says:

    I too was suck in with the name of miss jessy never agian I was suckerd in to paying 32.00 dollars for a tube MJ's Quick Curls it was dry feeling and did not give me the results I was looking for I found great success with Kinky-Kurl curling custard I am going to stick withit what my hair likes and stop the hype it cost 19 dollars and it is very concertrated and lasted a long time so you live and learn the heck with miss jessy money lost.

  • Unknown says:

    When I first tried MJ's it didn't mix well with my hair. Maybe because I was still in teh TWA stage, but now…. woooo weeeee! I love it. I purchased it, again, because of the BOGO. I did some research and used the buttercreme (moisturizer) and pudding (styler) together. FABULOUS! My hair has NEVER been so soft nor have I ever had a twist out last this long…. *giggles* two weeks! No joke. Suprisingly no flakes, otherwise I would have co-washed.

    It's working pefectly now because I cant rewet my hair every morning… It's FREEZING :-)

    Oh…. please believe I'm stocking up during the BOGO. Otherwise, I'll wait till next year and use my sheabutter mix!

  • Anonymous says:

    When I first went natural i bought Miss Jessie curly pudding and I loved. Also I got the baby butter cream for free because of the holiday. I applied it to my hair every other day and it gave my hair the shine it needed because I had Color and my hair was very dry. I haven't bought any in a year because of the price but I think I am going back because I haven't found anything that compares to Miss Jessie.

  • Anonymous says:

    Hi ladies,

    *disclaimer- I'm an MJ fan. It was the first product that I tried as a naturalista and even after trying other things, I keep coming back*

    I just wanted to point out that the Miss Jessie's Curly Meringue (along with the Curly Pudding and Quick Curls) is a styler, while the Buttercreme (baby or regular) is a moisturizer. So you can't really compare the products- they're designed to do different things.

    Also, MJ stylers work best on wet hair. You should also let your hair dry COMPLETELY before you attempt to run your fingers through it because you will end up with product on your hands/frizzy curls. And different hair types respond differently to the products. My 4b hair hates the quick curls, but it does wonders for my type 3 friend. Curly Pudding is my go to, but is too heavy/greasy for by type 3 friend…. Bebe, Atlanta

  • Anonymous says:

    I personally love miss jessies meringue…I bought it after a friend sang the praises of the buttercream…the buttercream was way out of my price range so i bought the meringue instead…I havent found anything else that gives me great curl definition like the meringue…the only thing that comes a little close is my mixture of shea moisture curl smoothie mixed with ecostyler gel… Im going to buy the baby buttercream online in a smaller jar this month and see how that works…it think that the thick heavy consistency of the meringue is what makes my curls pop and I cant find anything cheaper with that consistency

  • Anonymous says:

    i have thick thick coarse hair. natural. haven't permed it in over 6 years. anyway, my hair is around my shoulders. i don't apply the cream to my hair wet, cuz that just means shorter curls, because my hair is wet. i hot dry my hair out real straight, then apply a lil of the cream to my hair as i corn-roll my hair down. maybe about 6 or 8 rolls. don't over saturate the hair with the cream, because then its like it wet and shrivels up = shorter curls. so corn roll ur hair with a lil cream in it, go to bed. in the morning, undo ur hair, don't comb it out, but separate it. there you go. cute long curls.

  • Anonymous says:

    I've never had a problem with MJ products. I LOVE the smell of curly meringue and it defines my curls really well. It's also cheaper than the buttercreme, which is also okay but a little too greasy for me (I like my shea butter better). As for the price, I purchase MJ products during the "buy 1/get 1 free" sale during the holiday season and I'm good for months.

  • Anonymous says:

    I did the BC on 2/19/11 the date was planned however my products had not been purchased in advance. I had a list of things to buy and well, didnt do sp prior to my departure to PA and had to run to Walmart near my moms and get what I could. The barber (a friend of mine had Miss Jessies for sale, I got it for free) so with my IC gel, Vitamin E palmers Spray, a wet head and Miss Jessie's meringue. I must say I am impressed I realize however, my hair is thirsty so I am looking to use products ro restore moisture, and also know my skin is sensitive and I want to minimize product pile up. So, once I have exhausted this HUGE jar I may move on. Or find a better shampoo, conditioner, and leave in to compensate.

  • Margaret says:

    In my opinion, the Miss Jessie's is an over glorified product. I got a few jars passed down to me, as their primary customer was unsatisfied. First of all, the first ingredients are petroleum and fragrance in most of their products. It feels and smells like it! It smells really good, but when you apply it as the bottles instruct, you're hair smell is completely overwhelming. Because its mostly Vaseline, it wipes off EVERYWHERE! It makes everything greasy and smelly. Now, it may do a great job at detangling, as it has good slip- but I can use regular Vaseline for same results- I'll just add my favorite perfume to it a voila!

  • BlueSkyPinky says:

    i Have tried the curly meringue on a twist out as well and i loved it too. My hair lasted a little longer than three days i purchased the 2oz jar on line for $9 and received it in three days and shipping was free. I still have some left for at least 2-3 uses. I recommend this product.

  • Akenjeli says:

    I have been natural for almost 18 years, so I have tried a myriad of products during my journey. I generally wear my hair in a twist-out or a mohawk.

    Yesterday, I decided I was going to try another product. So, Miss Jessie's Meringue was my selection. I was quite hesitant, BUT … I am overwhelmed with the results. Spectacular!

    I purchased the small jar at a Beauty Supply store. I didnt want to make a huge investment – yet. The price point was only 7.99. However, I will purchase the larger bottle next time. (I only used 1/5 of the jar on my entire head, so the small jar will last me for awhile.) I only sat under the dryer for 30 minutes.

  • MsKinkydiva says:

    I love Miss Jessie's products! I keep trying other things, but I get nice soft curly hair that lasts for a week with the curly meringue or the stretch silkening creme. I also get great shine. The buttercremes are very concentrated, you only need a little and my hair is moist for 2 or three days. The large tubs last me about 5 months on average so it is a great value for me! I use it for wash-n-gos. I am going to experiment with twist sets this fall and winter.

  • Danie says:

    This is my favorite transitioning product. I do 2 strand twist/bantu knot outs and I love how my hair comes out. This has been my staple style while I've been in transition (1 year and 2 months to be exact). I never liked how high the price is but I will break down and get another jar *sigh*

  • kaleiangel says:

    I didn't care for the Miss Jessie line, and yes, I bought into the hype and bought the BIG jars of everything. Personally, I find the Shea Moisture line wonderful! Target also has the Curls line and the Creme Brulee has been a great leave-in conditioner. Now that Target has Yes to Carrots, I get everything in one spot, aside from my henna.

  • Anonymous says:

    I love Miss Jessie's Meringue! I didn't like the price but it does a great job on my twist outs and bantu knot outs. I never apply heat but it has also saved me when I have problems with my relaxed ends. I will use a little and re-twist in the morning for my 1.5 hrs drive to work. By the time I get to work,my hair is fabulous! Love this product!! Different strokes for different folks! This is the only Miss Jessie's product I care for. The buttercreme has too much peppermint scent and is overpowering.

  • mztranquilharmony says:

    You know what they say, everything "ain't" for everybody. I've been recovering from heat damaged hair about 6 months now and my daily routine is the old faithful twist-out. Well the meringue was all I could resort to at the time. The miss jessie's curly meringue left my hair dry and hard. I continued to use it, that is until I came across a review on Shea Mositure's curly smoothe. Let me say this works better for me and I even walk out a of Target with money in hand, well kind of ;)

  • Sdot says:

    @Miss, I put in about 24 twist

  • shan says:

    I used it for a wedding I was in. It doesnt say this on the bottle but it does on the site, YOU HAVE TO MUST SET IT WITH HEAT!It is a heat activated product. The outcome is completely different.

  • Sabrina says:

    Just an FYI for those that use Afroveda Butters they have drastically changed their prices, including discontinuing their 320z. I saw a link on the LHCF while I was browsing thru and thought I would let you know as well. The new prices are 8oz $21.50 and 16oz $36.50 CocoLatte Moisture Mask,Shea-Amla Whipped Butter Cream. Totally Twisted Ginger Almond Butter and Curl Define the new prices are 8oz $18.50 and 16oz $31.50. Hemp Seed Lock, Twist & Roll Butter 8oz $23.50 and 16oz $41.50. B.A.R.E. Natural Hair Butter (Unscented) 8oz $18.50 and Ginger Pomade 4oz $9.75 and 8oz $15.75 so for those that use were used to the prices being around $9.00 it's not anymore.

  • Anonymous says:

    I have tried all sorts of gels and curl products and all have dried my hair like the desert sand, lol. However, Miss Jessies has saved me from giving up on my curly quest! I'm loving the curly pudding (which provides serious hold), baby buttercreme and the stretch silkener that I just tried today…good stuff!! Next on my list is the curly meringue. I guess my hair just like creams over water based products. As for the cost, I find that Target only carries one size which of course is the most expensive, so I go to a nearby salon which has ALL three sizes with cost as low as $9 and up…more variety and more control of what you want to spend.

  • aJwitaFrO says:

    I haven't tried Miss Jessie's products but there seems to be a lot of mixed views about the product line. I like the way your hair turned out with the product. I know I will eventually try the whole product line just to see what all the hype is about.


  • Sabrina says:

    Well I personally haven't tried curly meringue as of yet. I did buy and try the curly buttercreme and it was fine however the strong scent of peppermint is overwhelming. Now the curly pudding that left my hair dry, and I thought that I would never be able to get my moisture back into my hair. I would try the baby buttercreme if it came in 20z at Target, because that $58.00 price is like dayum. But give me the Sheamoisture Products esp. the Sheamoisture Smoothie for $9.99 I love that stuff.

  • Ms. Sassy says:

    I use it and love it! I was really stoked because my cousin gave me a free 8oz jar that she didn't use. I use it on damp hair. It does have a hold and my twists last longer when I use it.

  • Levone says:

    I love Miss Jessie's products, but I think my favorite is the Buttercreme. I have the Meringue but hadn't used it much (I love the smell though). Anyhow, I may try it for a twist out soon as I normally would use the Curly Pudding for that. For the comments that it's not worth it, I have tons of products and Miss Jessie's still have a place for me. Sometimes I like a heavy creamy styler for my hair versus a gel and that's where they work best for me.

  • Nina says:

    We generally like Miss Jessie's, but the meringue does NOTHING for us! Have you tried Miss Jessie's Quick Curls? Good stuff for wash and go, but same price. FYI, Ricky's in NYC usually has a sale on Miss Jessie's once or twice a year – buy one get 1 free!

  • Anonymous says:

    I first tried the curly posting when my twa started growing out and was really disappointed with the results. About a year later, I was turned on to the curly meringue by a hair stylist in my city and LOVE it. It provides really good curl def on my wash & go's I have 4a hair!


  • Anonymous says:

    I dont like it it feels like wax on my hair and the smell alone gives me a headache . I have a whole jar if you would like to swap for something that you didnt care for that might be perfect for my hair.


  • Mystique says:

    My hair hates Miss Jessie's products. The only one that my hair will tolerate is the Baby Buttercreme. The meringue, curly pudding & curly buttercreme all left my hair feeling like wax coated straw.

  • Anonymous says:

    I love miss jessies curly buttercreme. I have tried all the rest and the only thing that works on my hair is miss jessies product. I have tried all the rest but keep coming back to miss jessies my hair is soft and moisturize and twist out last for days

  • Anonymous says:

    I too fell into the hype of Miss Jessie's. I found that the prIoduct and the results do not justify the high price. When I was a newbie natural, I bought this product because of the name, Miss Jessie's. I can get the same results using Shea Mositure (Love Love Love). I found that by researching other products you get the same results or better without the high price.

  • Anonymous says:

    I use it on my twa…at first I was too heavy with it and couldn't stand it but now i know that for me, my hair has to be misted with water before putting a small amount on.the results are wonderful now

  • Just Sloan :) says:

    I recently picked up the meringue and used it for my braid-outs and found I didn't much care for it either!
    I do more braidouts than twist outs, but your results I think im going to try it!

    How many twists do you usually do? You look FAB!

  • Anonymous says:

    Any of you ladies that use Bee Mine Hair product, I saw on beadsbraidsbeyond site that their is discount code good until OCtober 15th for 10% off a minimal $15.00 purchase. the code is BBBOCT1

  • Anonymous says:

    I actually like the results I get with the products, but everyone keeps saying how bad the ingredients are. My hair is full and healthy and has a nice shine. Nothing else seems to work for me.

  • lovingitnatural says:

    I actually started using the buttercreme by Miss Jessies about a year ago and I love it on my twistout. Recently I used the curly meringue and it did hold my hair very well. I saved up and purchased Miss Jessies products during the buy one get one free sale.

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