Scab Hair- Transitioning to Natural Hair

Scab Hair- Transitioning to Natural HairDanielle writes:

I love your site and view it several times a day. I have learned a ton about my natural hair and products however, I haven’t read anything on here about scab hair.
Scab hair – Hair that is directly underneath the scalp that has been affected by the hash chemicals(i.e. relaxers, texturizers). Even though the hair is new growth it isn’t “trained” to behave in it’s natural state. The hair can be straight-wiry, very dry, hard, and brittle. It usually takes somewhere around 6 months to a year to completely grow it out. – Derived from
When I BC’ed back in February, I knew after 17 years of relaxing and little time spent transitioning, that I would have to get used to my new look. I loved my new texture but noticed that my hair at the edges seemed different– it was very wiry and harsh, yet as it grew out, became soft. I had never heard of this and began researching, which led me to the CN community!

Have you ever heard of scab hair? How did you cope with it? How long did it take to grow out?