Getting Back to Your Authentic Self

by Yvelette of Calming Corners

Have you ever felt as if your world has become so small and surrounded around one thing that you really forget your true purpose on earth? Have you ever had the feeling that work consumes all of your time and energy, that nothing else matters and you look up and realize that you have lost time, motivation and forgot how to enjoy life? When these or similar situations happen, it is essential to get back to your authentic self. This can be difficult at times due to the situation and surroundings that you are in at the present time but it is important to stay rooted and stable so the seeds that you planted can grow towards your best life.

Four Ways to Get Back to your Authentic Self:

Be Still– With busy schedules, e-mail, phones, we are in information overload. It is time to stop and slow down. Find a place, with minimal distraction, to sit still. Focus on one thought at a time and try to allow your mind to stop racing. A good time to do this is the beginning of the day and before you go to sleep.

Focus– Find the things that are truly important to you. Release the influences of others and society and really focus on the things that you are passionate about, things or people that will bring a smile to your face and anything that allows you to let yourself go. It is essential that you understand and focus on your true happiness and purpose.

Get Grounded-Whether it is friends or family, embrace the people that truly make you feel good about yourself in an honest way. If they compliment you and give constructive criticism as well as keep you in check from time to time, this is an individual who has your true interest at heart.

Pray/Meditate-It is important to maintain spiritual balance. Ask for what you want, let it go, and then move upon direction, you will see that things will fall into place and the spiritual synergy will flow freely.

There are many situations in our lives that will knock us off track. I consider these strength lessons. It is for us to maintain the big picture perspective and always ask what the lesson is and how do I stay authentic through this process.


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