by GG of Peace, Love and Pretty Things

I think I’m just about over rushing through my life trying to get what someone else has. Trying to feel the way I think someone else feels based on my own distant perception of their life. I’m over missing out on the me that is now in constant pursuit of happily ever after. After all, ever after is now.

I think I’m just about over allowing the media to fill my mind with sex, fear, lies and destructive gossip. It distracts me from productive, creative thought and fills my mind with clutter.

I think I’m just about over feeling guilty. Feeling guilty about everything and anything. It’s draining and stressful and I’m done with it. No more giving into my inner doubts to the extent that I can’t see what’s real. No more giving over my power to such a wasteful emotion. Feel it, forgive it and move on with it.

I think I’m just about over trying to be seen. I’m right here. Everything that I’m not, makes me what I am. I don’t need to overcompensate. Whether you see it or not, whether you dig it or not, here it is and it’s just as simple as it is complex.

I think I’m just about over being irresponsible and making excuses for it. Feeling like someone owes me something. Feeling like life should cater to me more. Boo hoo. I don’t want to hear anything that self-sabotage has to say. I’m a woman fed up.

What are you over? What has worn out its welcome in your life?

Be done with it!


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