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Curly Nikki

Self-Concept Thursday

By January 27th, 202125 Comments

Self-Concept Thursday


by GG of Peace, Love and Pretty Things

I think I’m just about over rushing through my life trying to get what someone else has. Trying to feel the way I think someone else feels based on my own distant perception of their life. I’m over missing out on the me that is now in constant pursuit of happily ever after. After all, ever after is now.

I think I’m just about over allowing the media to fill my mind with sex, fear, lies and destructive gossip. It distracts me from productive, creative thought and fills my mind with clutter.

I think I’m just about over feeling guilty. Feeling guilty about everything and anything. It’s draining and stressful and I’m done with it. No more giving into my inner doubts to the extent that I can’t see what’s real. No more giving over my power to such a wasteful emotion. Feel it, forgive it and move on with it.

I think I’m just about over trying to be seen. I’m right here. Everything that I’m not, makes me what I am. I don’t need to overcompensate. Whether you see it or not, whether you dig it or not, here it is and it’s just as simple as it is complex.

I think I’m just about over being irresponsible and making excuses for it. Feeling like someone owes me something. Feeling like life should cater to me more. Boo hoo. I don’t want to hear anything that self-sabotage has to say. I’m a woman fed up.

What are you over? What has worn out its welcome in your life?

Be done with it!


I’m doing an all call for inspirational quotes, videos, short blogs, and articles that relate to improving self-esteem, and developing a positive body image and sense of self. We’re calling it Self-Concept Thursdays! Send your submissions to using Self-Esteem as the subject line.

***In the meantime, leave your Positive Affirmations below!***


  • Arianna says:

    totally and exactly this, concept thurdays are always great they bring the site back home 🙂

  • PinkGirlFluff says:

    I'm over being stressed out about everything. I'm over bending over backwards to meet the expectations of individuals that will not do the same for me. I'm over crazy politicians and an ignorant public. Hence I will be getting my vote on!

    I hope you do too! :0)

  • maya says:

    I have been having similar feelings lately. In fact, about 2 months ago, I stopped watching all the over saturated news networks and tv shows,etc. I'll watch an occassional movie, local news, and thats it. The media sensationalizes every story and due to perhaps technology everyone seems more wired and stressed. I finally decided that I needed to start staying away from negativity and those energy draining people in my life. I have been practicing on focusing on the positive, remembering to spread love not haterade, and meditating. I am starting to the study Buddhism which focuses on living in the present and now I feel a ton lighter.

  • elle marie says:

    ~when you no longer need to prove anything to anyone and can simply be yourself, with no apologies, you have arrived~

    Time to clean house…rid myself of the negative energies…thanx Nikki…xo

  • Anonymous says:

    Oh YES!!! I am so there! I had a similar epiphany just this past Tuesday night. I decided that I have no expectations for anyone and anything. That way I am never disappointed. And it means a gateway to peace and happiness. Thank you for posting!

  • Anz says:

    Love this! I just proclaimed my "I'm done" two nights ago.

    I'm done with keeping myself on reserve for a certain type of man. I will broaden my horizons so that I open myself to a greater chance for the love and respect I give, therefore deserve to have reciprocated.

    I'm done making excuses for and excusing behavior that is beneath the standards that I set for myself. Which are actually quite simple, respect me, my space, and my time. If they can't do that then they can't hang with me.

    I'm done SETTLING for the sake of having a man around. I will not dim my light anymore, but instead am willing to patiently wait for someone with a light just as bright if not brighter than mine.

    Thank you for this post! It is right on time.

  • Anonymous says:

    Love this post!! (smile)
    I am so done with feeling bad about myself because I have not accomplished all that I wanted to by this age of my life. I am who I am, and I will be proud and have fun with that. Life is very short so I will live it to the fullest. Thank you so much for this one, it is right on time!!
    Allnatural1 (Michelle in TX)

  • Anonymous says:

    i will no longer foster relationships with liars. family or not. i don't have time to figure you out nor do i really want to.

  • sleeping beauty says:

    Jeremiah 29:11
    11 For I know the plans I have for you," declares the LORD, "plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future.
    This is what I meditate on when I take my eyes off of what the world thinks of me I remenber what the Lord has for me.

  • You Know Lou says:

    yes i am loving this post as well….As I continue to become deeper and deeper with a better relationship with my creator, GOD(my father), i can appreciate not wanting to be like anybody else but myself!!!
    I am done with trying to be everything to everybody- wayyy done!
    Thanks to the author and Nikki…

  • Anonymous says:

    This post really hits home for me. I will no longer foster relationships that do not offer me respect, comfort, support or positive energy. I'm moving on!

  • RebirthOfAQueen says:

    I am done with not being liberated, enlightened, just truly free. I'm done being apart of this hologram that we call life. I'm done with living outwardly and not even knowing who I am on the inside.

  • Anonymous says:

    Love this. It is my first time posting on this site although I have been reading it, since my transition began in March/2010.
    I'm studying abroad in a spanish speaking country and it can be so difficult to feel good about everything and yourself when you are so far away from home and no one else really looks like you.

    I am done letting other people dictate how I should feel about my hair. If I like the way it looks when I leave in the morning then that is all that really matters.
    I'm done letting people who don't matter hurt my feelings. Jesus loves me, my family loves me, I love me and that is what's most important! 🙂

  • Unknown says:

    This is sooooo on time! LOVE IT!

  • Anonymous says:

    Love this post…..

  • stephanie says:

    I'm done with dumbing down so that my husband, children, parents, siblings, co-workers don't feel inferior to me. I'm done with carrying around these last 10 pounds.

  • Suburbanbushbabe says:

    This is what I'm talking about! "… ever after is now." Absolutely!

    Call me crazy but I'm spiritually prompted to believe that turning my head, heart and mind one way instead of another, I experience the Garden of Eden instead of Hell on Earth. The Creator gave it all to us, and it's up to us. Lovely post.

  • Anonymous says:

    That's amazing. Thank you Nikki 🙂

  • Dya. says:

    This was excellent. Thank you. :]

    I'm tired of trying to be cool. Taking on way too many projects, stressing over people not liking me as much as I'd like. I'm going to slow down, enjoy life, and stick to the basis. That's what makes me cool.

  • Unknown says:

    I try to live my life in ways of moving forward. That means for me- assuming good intentions. That helps me stay focused on the things I find important. What struck me most is what GG said about pursuing happily ever after. Ever after is now. I dig that.

  • Anonymous says:

    Great post. Just what I needed this morning 🙂

  • Ms. Simpson says:

    I recently posted on facebook letting everyone know that the battle of fighting is over. I now smile at everyone. Yes, even those that do not have my best intention at heart (which believe or not is most people). See we get caught up in all the hoop-la of this person is mean or this person is bad. You let them win because that is what they want you to think..I smile at everyone because I want to win and I want them to know that there is someone higher that will fight my battles for me…I'm too precious to let others stress me out and let my hair fall out in the process. Smiling at your enemies is setting yourself free and puts you on top!

  • Anonymous says:

    Great post, couldn't have said it better myself!
    Funny . . . Anonymous 8:18am must have over heard my thoughts because I am also allowing God to be my vindicator, no more of my energy is going towards drama, life is too beautiful to be trippin with foolishnes.

  • Maguette says:

    Wow, this post couldn't have come at a better time. It hit the spot for me, because it's all true and I'm the type that rushes through everything and forget to live in the "now" of things, constantly aiming for more, and better without much regard to what's currently happening. Thanks, its the perfect post to start my day…carpe diem.

  • Anonymous says:

    I love the post and I am exactly where the author is!

    To add:

    I am done with trying to get even with people who I believe have done me wrong. I will not come out of character to prove a point or to seek revenge. Things have a way of righting themselves. I do believe you reap what you sow whether you are paying someone back or not. I'll let God handle my battles….and that sucks for them.

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