SteppinOUT writes:

OKAY….this is in no way intended to be a rant. Howeverrrrr….in recent weeks I have been bombarded as I surf the blogs with these ‘new’ formulas, products, and lines geared towards natural hair. To be more specific, an onslaught of hair products marketed toward “US”; ladies who have chosen to wear our hair in its natural state. Some of the product ads are from new start up companies touting natural ingredients blah, blah, or existing companies with new “lines” with buzz words such as “coily”, “textured” (insert marketing target term here) etc. Am I wrong to feel a little offended that certain industry giants are pushing a “new” product line toward us natural revolutionaries because a new consumer base has been honed in on? Or should I be flattered that they are even paying attention to our haircare needs? And as far as the new upstart companies; do we really need ANOTHER natural hair care product? Or is there room in the market for everyone? I for one have been natural for 2 years and the amount of products and information gave me a blazing headache! It can be very overwhelming for those newly going natural. So ladies what do you think?

When is Enough….ENOUGH?!!