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It’s that time again! The images below are of CN readers at their flyyest…at work, on the town, and with the fam. Showing us all that natural hair is not a fad, it’s a way of life…an extension of our beauty!
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Curly Nikki
G baby caught in the act of wrapping her daddy around her little finger πŸ™‚


I am a HUUUUGE fan of your site! I have learned so many things on here. I’ve been natural all of my life, but just recently started embracing my curls. I am sporting a wash and go. I snapped this pic as I was heading out to a bar for a friend’s b-day celebration. It was very spur of the moment and this was a rush job =)

On vacation 5 weeks after I BC’ed in July. It has been a great experience so far and I can’t wait to see where my new hair takes me.
Taking a break from bunning, at the beach rocking twists before going off to college! I recently celebrated my two years natural birthday and I can happily say I still don’t know much about my hair! Sometimes I can handle it and sometimes I can’t, but I was feeling myself that day, lol! Living and learning πŸ˜‰


Friday the 27th of August 2010 I had the honor of being a bridesmaid in one of my closest friends sisters’ marriage. For the event she gave me free reign with my hair. I opted to do a simple flat twistout on blowdried hair. I did about 6 flat twists and I secured them with one flexirod. It came out lovely and as you can see I was feeling myself, lol.
Congrats on the baby. Did the twist and updo with bobbypins, then headed to dinner with my hubby.

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I had just left Sephora. I’ve been searching for a good red lipstick that looks good on my brown skin, and my friend (who works at Sephora and is also a makeup artist) helped me! I love it. In this pic, I am wearing a Twist-n-Curl.
It was just a regular Friday at work with a 2 day old twist out… Congrats on the ‘lil bundle of joy!!
Heading out to a bar lounge with a hunny dip, lol… This is a braid-out done on dry hair with Goddess Curls Gel by Curls for Target.

This is me rockin a 3 day old wash n go! I used Knot Today and KCCC and am lovin the results! I am in my pajamas because it has been a LONG WEEK at work and I am soooo glad its Friday!!!

On vacation in Miami. Wearing a W&G after swimming in the ocean! Co-washed with YTC, moisturized with Phyto 7 and sealed with EVCO

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