NaturallyTRU writes:

I’m new to the CN community and I’m in awe of all of the beautiful curlies and the wealth of information on this site! I only wish I had known about CN before I big chopped a year ago. Anyhoo…. this question is for my fellow PJs:

Do you have any hair products that your mate/spouse/significant other loves to use too?
If so, what are they and which must haves do you have to hide just to keep them all to your self?

My guy loves my raw shea butter and has become possessive over it! (as if it were his to begin with lol!)

CN Responds:

I think my hubby can tell which products are most expensive… he gravitates toward those. It’s a rare day when I find him using a product that I can easily and cheaply re-stock at Walgreens.

He loves shampoo and when I was using ‘poo bars regularly, he’d blow through one in a week’s time (on his half inch of hair)! For those of you that don’t know, most ‘poo bars are 7 bucks a pop, cost to ship and should last about a month or so. I’d get so pissed and try to remind him about the benefits of co-washing and that ‘pooing too often could dry his hair out. He cared not.

Whenever I have a box of new product arrive, he ransacks it and I usually find my most expensive shampoo or conditioner sitting on the floor of his shower. He loves my hair butters too, especially shea, and I can tell when he’s been in it because of the large chunks missing… he takes the biggest finger scoops!
Gotta love ’em 🙂