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Thoughts on Transitioning to Natural Hair- 3

By January 27th, 2021No Comments

Thoughts on Transitioning to Natural Hair- 3

Chopped and Screwed
by Tania of Your Natural Wonder

“I think I can, I think I can, I think I can” is the chant that is quietly humming in your head, as you stand in front of the mirror in your bathroom. You hold a piece of your glory up tall to count the inches (hopefully yards!) of new growth, while your free hand grabs the scissors.

Freedom is only a few snips away, you began to think. So without hesitation, you snip away the dead, lifeless, relaxed hair you have left. No more shedding, no more battling with the two textures. YES! You are finally natural!

Taking a good look at all the hair on the floor and all the hair that is not on your head, insecurities began to set in. Not to mention the confused faces of those who knew you with your long relaxed hair. Peoples comments & the questions about your sanity and emotional health. As if a haircut means you are ‘going through something’.

Days and weeks pass, and your confidence level rises. Complete strangers come to you and tell you about how much they like your hair. Even your family & friends are getting used to it and are excited to see what your next hair move will be. You then realize it’s not just the hair that is bringing you this new found attention, it’s really YOU. For once you have accepted yourself, you are comfortable, secure and are no longer within that ‘box’ you were originally in. This is the place where you have one of those light bulb moments, and you understand the power and freedom of the new YOU.

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