Yesterday, TerraD’s Curl to Curl question received a lot of attention! Kimmie0810 sent along this email in response and wants your opinion!

Kimmie0810 writes:

After reading the responses to “Unsolicited Commentary–Natural Hair”, I started thinking and playing devil’s advocate as I tend to do sometimes (I cannot control the inquisitive Psych major in me!!!). So I have a question: Are some of the “negative”/unsolicited/hurtful comments and questions naturals hear due to people not accepting or liking natural hair, or could it be that the particular natural just happened to look a hot mess that day?
I know I am guilty of being defensive about my hair and assuming that people are “against” it because they are “brainwashed” into thinking that long straight hair is the norm. HOW DARE THEY?! lol My favorite comeback is to brag how healthy my hair is and to tell naysayers they will eat their words when my hair grows out bigger and deffer than ever before!! Ha! But when I am honest with myself, sometimes I look a HOT MESS! Especially when I am chillin’ at home and family or friends come over talking smack about my bonnet or my wild uncombed ‘fro! I get defensive (mostly in a playful way), but know good and well my hair does NOT look good in that moment.
I’ve also seen pictures on FB, on natural hair sites, and videos on Youtube of people “showing off” their hair and I look and wonder why they would put that up on the internet for people to see, lol. I know hair is personal and everyone should be proud of their hair and love it unconditionally, but when we are honest, we have ALL seen some naturals with a dry unkempt mess on their heads. And sometimes that dry, unkempt mess is on our very own heads! So, are we being fair to others when we assume that they are “hating” on natural hair when they could just be responding to a bad hair day we didn’t even realize we were having??
Weigh in! Are we too sensitive?

Original Post 10/27/10

TerraD asks:

What’s one comment directed toward you and your curls that completely annoys you?