What are your hair plans this weekend?

I’ve been experimenting with the Design Essentials Natural line for a couple of weeks now. I plan to do a review next week after trying the Cream Gel once more (using a different leave-in). I used the Stretch Cream two nights ago to style my Twist-n-Curl. It goes on a little rough and dries somewhat prodcut-y. On the bright side, it provided a lot of moisture and the definition wasn’t too shabby either. I turned the very moisturized but somewhat frizzy set into a fabulous and voluminous high bun (pictured above). I can get this look to last through the week as long as I tie it up at night.

This weekend, Gia permitting, I plan to:

-Deep Treat with My Honey Child’s Olive You Conditioner

-Detangle with Aussie Moist

-Use Shea Moisture Volumizing Conditioner as a leave-in. I picked this up at Target a few days ago… I can’t walk past a product that claims ‘volume boosting’ even though I know it’s usually just clever marketing.**

-Style with Design Essentials Defining Cream Gel

**What product label claims are you a sucker for?**