We’re all familiar with the ‘it’s just hair’ mantra, and the old adage ‘it’s what inside that counts’. But let’s be real… there’s definitely something about your appearance, what you present to the world (hair or otherwise) that has become a part of your identity. Something that you adore, that you’ve embraced, something that you take pride in, that’s special, that makes you happy to be, YOU!

For Jazrin, the long term transitioner in the previous post, it’s her long hair and side burns. For me, growing up, I was the skinny girl with long hair. I hated the skinny part then… hated it with a passion, but appreciate it now! Today, I’m known by my more straight laced colleagues as the girl with the crazy big hair and fun fashion sense. Works for me 🙂

Besides your glowing personality and giving spirit, what other attributes make up your identity?

Your identity grows and changes with you. Was it hard for you to let go of some old aspects and embrace the new (long, flowing straight hair becomes short and coily)? How did you cope?