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Best Dye Kits for Natural Hair

By January 27th, 202114 Comments

Best Dye Kits for Natural Hair
Chris writes:

For those of us who want a pop of color besides black and dark brown, what are the best at home color kits for natural African-American hair? I’m not looking for a peroxide blond but maybe a “safer” honey brown.

Also, how do you maintain your color and what products do you use to retain moisture?

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  • Lady Rose says:

    I life by dark and lovely. Mainly because I always get a good result and also if you read the instruction it tells you that dark and lovely is only to be used on natural hair. After dying I started using miss jessie's rapid recovery treatment its a "deep treatment for repairing dry and brittle curls" I mix that with and conditioner the comes in the box, i also use cantu leave in conditioner which makes my hair nice and soft and last but my least something with olive oil in it or olive oil its self.

  • Anonymous says:

    has anybody had any problems with their hair texture changing after permanently dying, I've heard that this may happen.. if so what type of changes are they exactly? Tighter curls,looser curls, or a straightening and straggly look to your natural curls?

  • Alice says:

    I dyed my hair brown with Garnier's Herbashine 645 Copper Mahogany Brown and was REALLY happy with the results. It's a semi-permanent color but it lasted for a surprisingly long time and the deep conditioner that came with it? FANTASTIC. I used their Soft Black a little latter and was really disappointed though, it rinsed out so quickly!

    For maintenance, I deep condition weekly with a really moisturizing conditioner mixed with a protein treatment and some castor oil. The protein makes my hair a little stronger (color can kill it!) and the deep conditioner helps me maintain moisture. Other than that, nothing really changed!


  • Ms. Sassy says:

    I used Dark and Lovely Brown Cinnamon and so far I have had no problems and love the color. I make sure I DC at least once every 2 weeks. I don't use a lot of different products to keep that product build up from forming.

  • Timberly says:

    I dyed my hair last month using Textures & Tones in lightest golden brown. It came out sort of like the girl in the picture for this post. I like it. However my hair has faded. I don't use any special shampoos or conditioners for colored hair so i guess thats why. My mom uses the cherrywood color and hers doesn't fade.

  • Unknown says:

    I just dyed my hair LAST NIGHT…yay I LOVE IT! I used the Dark and Lovely Fade resistant Rich COnditioning Color (#s 379 and 385). It came with a condition and then I deep condish'd with Givonni's Reconstructor for another 20 mins. I will probably be deep condishing once a week wit min 15 min. product and mini-condishioner with a 1-5 min product during mid-week. Remember any brand/color you have to take even more care to prevent dry brittle hair. Much success CURLFRIENDS! 🙂

  • aubin says:

    I've used Naturtints, which you can buy online or at Whole Foods. The color is good and the product is gentle on my hair.

  • Serenity23 says:

    I can't really recommend a dye b/c I get my color done professionally, but I can say that in order to prevent breakage and drying oout, I deep condition often. I deep condition weekly and I usually wear twists during the week and out on wekends. I consistenly moisturize with a homemmade whipped shea concoction and I oil my ends all the time. I have three different shades of dye in my hair and never experience any breakage. Good luck!

  • Chris says:

    Thanks for the suggestions, I swear I've been looking all over the place! Can't wait to try out a new color, I'm likin the looks of Robert Craig

  • Anonymous says:

    I dyed my hair about a month ago…to cover up my highlights and I used Naturtint from Whole Foods. Its an all natural dye made from plants….I went to a natural haircare seminar with Felicia Leatherwood (Jill Scott's stylist) and she recommended it. Worked pretty well for me!

  • Miss Dior says:

    I used Robert Craig and I loved it – it is supposed to be very safe and I have seen it on Naturally Curly. I think it is one of the less damaging conditioners. Hope this helps. Oh and I really like their conditioner. It says a truely gentle permanent color and that is what I remember it being.

  • luvmylocs says:

    i always use robert craig hair color, available online only. i learned about it on

  • GASP Nail Art says:

    im no sure what color dye u should use but i dye my hair…alot actually. I tried garnier color shield shampoo and conditioner, which work very well. So, if your going to dye it try those products to keep the color looking fresh instead of fading.

  • SaBrina says:

    From what I've heard from many reviews online and also from my Aunt she stated its really good, and also softened the hair after being used you can try using Clariol Instincts which is semi permanent and has no ammonia. I have brought some of this but haven't colored my hair, I got the Midnight Black in number 36. I also use for my rinses "Jazzing" in the Ebony and Spiced Cognac and Toasted Chestnut.

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