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Curly Nikki

CurlMart Discount!

By January 27th, 202125 Comments
CurlMart Discount!

Calling all PJs!

We’ve got out own friggin’ discount code… and it’s good through 12/31/2010! From now till the end of the year, you’ll get 15% off your CurlMart purchase with coupon code Nikki15. Every single order comes with free samples!

So my dears, this can be handled one of two ways. You can either go H.A.M. and treat yourself to everything you’ve had your eye one, or be slightly more modest and slip your significant other, momma, sister, friend… whoever, your *Christmas Wish List* and let them treat you. CurlMart is full of goodies, and can at times, be a bit overwhelming. If you need some direction… a little focus, check out my (current) favorite products:

**Exceptions are Wen, Miss Jessie’s, Kinky-Curly, and Curly Cocktails**

Sorry in advance πŸ˜‰


  • Anonymous says:

    I just used this code on 02/23/11 and it still works

  • Marcy says:

    Ugh I hate that the Miss Jessie's isn't a part of it. I really love their Super Sweetback Treatment but at that cost and them barely ever having a sale or discount, they may have lost a customer. Hopefully they do something for Black Friday otherwise I give up. I really think they could care less about the average consumer and are more about celeb clients

  • CURLYNIKKI says:

    lol @ the Suze Orman comment. I've got her YFB book and I love it. If Suze says it's okay, let's get it!

  • Anonymous says:

    I'm like others who are trying to overcome PJism. kimmie0810 stated that Suze Orman would say "Go head girlfriend!" Therefore, I'm taking that advice. LOL


  • Anonymous says:

    Wow, almost everything on Nikki favorites are OUT OF STOCK, someone should of warned them that once Nikki likes we gotta try it 2 lol.. Curlmart need to restock up quick..

  • CURLYNIKKI says:

    I'm sorry guys! Honest!

  • Anonymous says:

    *makes PJ list*
    *sends Nikki my rehab bill*

  • kimmie0810 says:

    OH! I want that My HoneyChild Olive You & the Deep! *cabbage patches* These are necessities b/c hair MUST be deep conditioned! Even Suze Orman would say "go 'head girlfriend!".

  • kimmie0810 says:

    A heads up (so u can buy more on sale), if u register for the newsletter, u can win an entire Curls regimen. I just did. The whole product line! And Curls endorsed it on their FB page so it's legit. (the website is still developing so I was skeptical)

    Now this is how SICK I am, I've got a whole line of Curls coming & just got an entire Jessicurl regimen free from the owner, but I am STILL going to use this code to get something! I need a DevaCare diffuser & the drying hand mitts. And maybe that's IT! I mean I got free stuff so this is "extra" money right? LOL

  • Anonymous says:

    Thank you!!!!!! I purchased two items already!!!!! Good looking out πŸ™‚

  • Sharmer says:

    I wish I considered those prices cheap. Lol

  • Anonymous says:

    ya know what, i usually don't post comments much but I had to for this one. Why, nik, why?! can't a sistah treat her PJism in peace?! lol. i was being so good with my addiction…now I am already off the wagon and I WILL USE THIS CODE. And then you had the nerve to post your fav's!! You helped me to jump off the ledge– I am tempted to say ya pushed me, but I won't right now. I hope you are happy with yourself. πŸ™‚

  • Jamila Reddy says:

    Thanks! Looking forward into investigating these…..what have you done?! lol.

  • Erika says:

    Thanks Nikki for providing a current favorites list πŸ™‚ I'm still very new at this & want to try recommended products…still working on a good product to control frizz & keep my length (hate shrinkage)especially on a dry twist out.

  • Amber says:

    Some of the products are already out of stock! Goodness

  • Anonymous says:

    thanks CN!

  • Anonymous says:

    Thanks! I keep forgetting about Sunny's in the Village! Im glad I didnt put my curlmart order in! The only product line thus far that I will pay for shipping and not complain is Qhemets because its just that darn good to my hair:-)

  • beautywithcurls says:

    I'm Trying Half Of What You Mentioned Nikki Or More!! LOL

  • Anonymous says:

    Yes there are several places in Durham that carry the original Curls line(not the Target). Sunny's beauty supply in Forest Hills&The Village and Beauty World on Avondale. Also check out the store locator that's how I was able to find out that these locations carry the line.

  • Anonymous says:

    My natural hairstylist said the same thing because she gets hers directly from the distributor. I guess its true. *logging on to curlmart now* lawd help me.. I'll hold off on the leave in because I got on that kckt bandwagon and it did nothing for my hair. Maybe I can get a sample of that before I commit.

  • CURLYNIKKI says:

    LOL!! Sorry chica πŸ™‚

    I think the stuff at Target is cheaper and has different ingredients. I've never looked into it… maybe someone will chime in…

  • CURLYNIKKI says:

    Hello… my I'm Nikki, and I'm a PJ.

    I just recently fell off the wagon with no motivation to hop back on πŸ™‚

  • Anonymous says:

    My PJism must end ..but I have to try it since I just learned that my hair loves aloe vera and oils for twists. I just went to two Super Targets in RDU looking for this souffle and the leave in and I can't find it!..Is there a place I can get this on-ground locally? I fear if I get on curl mart with that discount, I'll lose my mind πŸ™‚

  • Anonymous says:

    Nikki…Yes, they should…

    I will be the 1st to start our (unofficial) 12 step program for PJism.
    Hello, my is Q and I'm a PJ.

  • CURLYNIKKI says:

    looking at my list, I sound like a CURLS ad. They need to hire me… or at least secure some advertising πŸ˜‰

    I used the Souffle on a dry twist-out tonight. I'll report my results tomorrow!

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