Two CN readers submitted similar questions. Check them out and share your stories!

Shelli writes:

I am obsessed with destroying split ends. I can’t stand to see them, especially when they’re those branched splits up the hair strand or one of those “eye of a needle” type splits. Whenever I spot one, no matter where I am, I become fixated on eliminating it, because I might not be able to find that same hair later!! It seems that I spot them a whole lot easier now too because I’ve been rocking TnC!!!

So, a few months ago, I started “packing” a pair of sheathed hair scissors in my purse (in addition to the pair in my bathroom at home) in order to conduct search and destroys when spotting split ends at random times during the day (at work, in the car, etc.). My friends at work and boyfriend have witnessed me doing this and think I’m a nut, of course!! A lovable, entertaining nut. But, a nut nonetheless. I just laugh maniacally and tell them, “It must be done!!” LOL!! So, my question is:

What, if any, “idiosyncratic” (read: crazy) tendencies have you developed due to your natural hair?

Miranda Kelly writes:

I have a question, do you think it is extreme not wanting to use a brush on your hair or not wanting to lay your head down, let’s say when watching TV on your couch? The reason I ask this is because I’m like that. If I’m going to pull my hair back I only use my hands, never use a brush, for some reason I think the brush might break my hair! Also, if I’m watching TV on the couch, I go find my satin scarf to protect my hair- – I don’t want my hair touching any other fiber that is not my satin scarf.

Would you call this extreme behavior?

CN Responds:
LOL! This reminds me of the recent ‘sexy time’ post and how some of you (including myself!) move the satin pillow around with you. Like Shelli, I’m guilty of obsessing over splits, carrying scissors in my purse, and snipping in public. I can also relate to Miranda… I hate laying my head on cotton blankets and other rough surfaces, and often notice tension in my neck when I should be relaxing… straining to keep my hair safe. When staying in a hotel or at my mom’s, I lay my satin scarf over the cotton pillowcase 🙂 Don’t judge me!

Dish ladies! What strange habits have you developed?!