Skeeta writes:

Dear Curly Nikki community,

I recently posted an inspiration picture on my blog, where the girl was wearing a blowout with no definition. A commenter noted that in her opinion, she didn’t like it because it had no definition and looked dry. This got me to thinking about the natural hair community in general and what we feel is “acceptable” natural hair. I personally believe that just because our hair may “look dry” to someone else, definitely doesn’t mean that it is; i.e shine does not equal moisturized (you all know the oiled down dry hair)!
  • Do you feel that your hair must have some type of definition to be “styled”?
  • Does your hair have to have shine for it to look presentable, even if it’s healthy?
  • Does the majority of the natural hair community prefer a polished, mainstream acceptable curly look versus a kinkier, undefined, combed/brushed out style?