Kay of Life as a Nappy Headed Black Girl writes:

While browsing a beauty forum the other day, I came across a thread about good-smelling hair. The poster said one of the things that originally attracted her husband was her hair. He said it smelled wonderful, not like “typical black hair.”

The first thing I did was *roll eyes* Her husband must be white because really, what kind of dumb mess is that to say?

But then I continued to read some of the responses and realized that I could relate and that maybe you can, too.

Let’s be real…black women have some funky-smelling hair products. I’m not saying that women of other races don’t; I’m just speaking the truth from my side.

You know that “feel-it” tingle in your favorite grease? Or the super-gro complex in your trusty hair treatment? That ingredient is called Stankonium Funkdiferous.

And to make matters worse, many of us don’t have the best hair practices. I’ll use myself as an example:

· Not washing my hair for weeks to preserve a style…

· but continuing to pile on products

· Old, stanky extension braids

· The “I just curled my hair this morning” stench

· Pump It Up spritz

· Oil sheen, grease, black gel…

Lawdhammercy, this list could go on forever! And the sad part is that I know some of you can relate and I know people who still follow these practices.

I have an acquaintance who smells like straight Ultra Sheen grease every day. You know, the green one. It’s so strong that it actually lingers when she passes. When she walks by I get flashbacks of my old hot comb days.

I mentioned the smell to her one day (I’m tacky like that) and her response was:

“Well, I already got a husband, so I don’t have to worry about that.”


Which brings us back to “typical black hair.” Maybe men are just used to our hair smelling a certain way. Maybe we’re used to it smelling that way, too.

How important is good-smelling hair to you? Are you walking around smelling like Soul Glo? Has anyone ever commented (good or bad) on the smell of your hair?