OMfrickin’G… I’ve somehow managed to achieve 4th day hair on a dry set! Below are two pics of the same Twist-n-Curl I did last week. The volume is sick and my curls are still hydrated. I’m going to push it one more day and probably re-style tomorrow night. So excited chicas! Go Whipped Cream… I hope it’s not a fluke.


**Original Post 11/6/10**

Hola Chicas!

Two nights ago I finger combed and then brushed out (in sections) my 4 day old Twist-n-Curl using a Denman 83 paddle brush. I then proceeded to twist (not braid) my hair using CURLS Whipped Cream. I didn’t re-wet my hair, I just kept my hands wet as I applied the product and twisted. I ended up with 9 large twists– – 1 twist above each ear, 1 twist in the back on either side, 2 on each side in the front framing my face, and one in the middle at the top of my head. The pics below are of day two (after pineappling last night). I hadn’t dry styled since last winter. I love the extra volume and length– the only draw back is that it doesn’t hold up for long.

Soft, fluffy, defined, stretched hair! I love it! CURLS Whipped Cream performed well on my dry hair, I’ll try a wet set with it tomorrow.

Next week I’ll be reviewing the Kera Care Natural line as well as CURLS Whipped Cream! I’m impressed by both! I’ll also be providing winter hair care tips and updating my routine.

Do you ever do dry braid or twist-outs? What’s your process and how do you preserve the style at night?