Hola Chicas!

Happy Wednesday! It’s a sunny day here in North Carolina and I couldn’t be more jovial. I want to get out and go somewhere, but out of fear of spending money I don’t have, should probably stay at home. Maybe I can convince a friend or two to come over here for product swapping, drinks, and movies… Nadeira… Marcy… Shalonda. 😉 Hint, hint.

Speaking of friends, last weekend I had a few people over to meet G Baby… she’s come into her divadom and won’t go to anybody without pitching a bitch. Is it wrong that I secretly enjoy this? It makes me feel like we’ve developed this deep and enduring bond… that 80 sleepless nights and what feels like a million dirty diapers later, she likes me! She really likes me!

In other news, I thought I’d update you on my dry Twist-Out adventures. Here’s what my hair looked like yesterday evening after running around in 80% humidity and light drizzle with no umbrella:

You know that feeling you get at the club when you’re rocking a straight style or set? That feeling deep in the pit of your stomach that when you finally get the chance to see yourself in a mirror, your hair will look totally different… that’s how I felt. My hair felt as if it was swelling to monumental proportions, but I was pleasantly surprised to find minimal frizz. Although it wasn’t as bad as I thought, I re-twisted last night using my fingers (no brush) and a teeny bit of CURLS Souffle.

Here’s my hair this morning after taking down the 11 twists:

I’m still not feeling the length (showing my length drastically reduces the appearance of volume), but after pulling the front back with bobby pins, felt a little better about things. I’m so loving this!