Fglenn writes:

Hey Nikki,

This is actually my second Twist-n-Curl this week. Last night at midnight I decided to do it dry….thanks to you. When I orginally set it wet I used the Aussie Moist and the Garnier’s Curl Cream Gel….Loved It!!! It got a little fuzzy on the 3rd day, and I did not feel like rewashing again. I decided to do a dry set using the Shea Moisture Curl Enhancing Smoothie, and sealed my ends with pure shea butter- this stuff smells so good and set my curls wonderfully. You should check it out – it is so moisturizing and smells like cocunut….yummy!!!

Thanks again to you for the dry set idea…..Faryn didn’t start hollering until I was on the last twist… LOL. Adventures of a new mom…