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Curly Nikki

Healthy Hair Tips

By January 27th, 20219 Comments

Healthy Hair Tips
Naturallycurly writes:

Is this chilly winter weather drying you out?! No time to run to the salon? Well, guess what…you have a secret weapon to heal dry hair in your kitchen cupboard! Olive oil and mayonnaise aren’t just good for cooking, they’re an excellent moisturizing treatment for your hair and scalp. Here are fabulous tricks from stylists Josh Rosebrook and Robear Landeros at LA-based salon The Parlour on 3rd.


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  • Anonymous says:

    Olive oil is def one of my fav. I use it for my hair and skin ( oil washing) because it makes both feel so soft. I have not tried the mayo thing..yet, lol don't want to go around smelling like some ham samish

  • FinalFantasyXIVAccount says:

    Great post! I have tried using mayo, indeed the smell won't be gone even after you shampoo your hair. Been thinking of using olive oil as well, but didn't know it has to be heated. Thanks for sharing, now I know how to use olive oil. Cheers!

  • Anonymous says:

    I use grapeseed oil to do my DC's, but since I know and LOVE Robear, I will definitely give the mayo "smelling like a ham sandwich" treatment a try!! Oh and he really does talk like that LOL!



  • Califabulous says:

    i just started using EVOO. I am soooo behind the curve. But I love how it feels on the scalp. I bought one of those pointed top plastic bottles used for coloring to apply through dense and tangled hair.

  • Kristen says:

    I have often wondered about using mayo in my hair, but never tried it. I guess it's just the thought of actually having a condiment in my hair!!! LOL… but,,,,maybe soon. definitely will try the evoo DT, maybe this weekend!

  • Anonymous says:

    if only i could stand the smell of mayo in my hair. Its overwhelming

  • Anonymous says:

    Olive oil is definitely good (especially for the skin).

    I used mayonnaise and avacado for a whole day (you can leave it for an hour), and after I washed it, my hair was ridiculously soft! I need to do that again.

  • Anonymous says:

    I do the olive oil moisturizing treatment as a prepoo before cowashing all the time. Make detangling so much easier.

    I have done the mayo thing when I was relaxed. Will remember to try to now that I'm completely natural

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