Hola Chicas!

My PJ is raging out of control. Seriously. I need to go stand in the corner.

It’s not my fault though, Baby G has totally altered my hair routine– which happens to be among the more minor things that have changed.

B.C. (before child), I lived a whimsical life– weekly deep conditioning treatments, bi-weekly henna’ings, and frequent styling sessions were the norm. Now, I barely have time to shave my legs (I’m only able to shave one before Gia starts acting a donkey, which is why today, my right leg is hairless, and the left one looks like a monkey’s leg, but I digress…), let alone play in my hair. The bottom line? I need hearty hair. Hair that will not only last for 4 days ‘down and out’, but look fresh, touchable, shiny, defined yet fluffy, and relatively frizz free. A lofty dream? Probably. But by the beard of the Zeus, it is so happening!

Where I used to be able to style with conditioners, I now need a product with hold to add some longevity. Gels are for summer. Plus, many of them leave me dry and crunchy. A new fav, Garnier Curl Sculpting Cream Gel, sadly has glycerin among its top 5 ingredients, and as you know, I use humectants sparingly during the colder months. I’ll be stashing it away until Spring.

That leaves curl creams. Many of them also contain humectants, but they’re usually found further down the ingredient list (i.e. not in the top 5). I’ve already tried one– Design Essentials’ Curl Stretching Cream. Epic fail.

Over the course of the next few weeks, I’ll be putting several new and popular curl creams to the test. The Battle of the Curl Creams if you will…

I’m on the quest to find a product that will, (1) not flake, gum up, or leave me feeling product-y, (2) hold my Twist-n-Curl for 4 days, (3) moisturize my situation, and (4) leave me with shiny curls. I don’t ask for much, lol!

The Contenders:

Kera Care Natural Texture’s Twist and Define Cream

Curls Whipped Cream

Jane Carter Solutions’ Curl Defining Cream

I’m currently in the midst of testing the Kera Care Natural Textures Twist & Define Cream, and may report back tomorrow. Preliminary thoughts? I’m loving it! I feel like it’s what Design Essentials’ Curl Stretching Cream aspires to be.

Do you enablers have any curl cream recommendations for me?!