It's Been Two Weeks...

since I last washed and styled my curls. Two weeks ladies… I’m going for the record! I have family coming through today, some of which I haven’t seen since Baby G was born. I wanted to re-style and look my best, honest I did. But I’m knackered…beat…zonked…worn out. If I had a dime for every time I hear ‘sleep when she sleeps’, I could afford to hire Mrs. Doubtfire. It’s great advice, and works in theory, but she sleeps in 45 minute to 3 hour spurts throughout the day. I don’t know about you, but my body isn’t designed for that. I do my best to nap with her, but when we’re up, I’m entertaining her, feeding her, pumping incessantly, changing her, burping her, and staring at her. When am I supposed to take care of me, handle chores, hit the stores? I guess I need to learn to pee, eat, and blog in my sleep 🙂

This afternoon, I played around with my typical low and high buns but nothing felt nice, and much of my hair had grown frizzy from napping with my hair out. So for the first time ever, I pulled my hair up into a high, side bun. It worked great because I was able to sweep the less frizzy hair over the super frizz. I used KeraCare’s Twist & Define Cream to smooth my edges, no brush necessary. Worked like a charm.

Also, I’m worrying myself sick thinking about postpartum hair shed… which is scheduled to begin any day now. Ironically, this anxiety will probably lead to hair fall, so I need to sit back, and chill the hell out!

Later Gators,

It's Been Two Weeks...It's Been Two Weeks...

What styles do you turn to when you don’t have the time or energy to start from scratch?